Expungement flags electronic fingerprint check


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I have an expunged minor misdemeanor. The conviction is 8 years old and the expungement is about 5 years old. When I get a fingerprint background check (FBI and Ohio CBI) for employment purposes, the electronic result for the CBI comes back flagged with a message for the employer/background agency stating that they need to wait for the paper copy for more information. The FBI result does not have this issue. When the mailed in results come in about a week or so later, both the FBI and CBI come back clear (no convictions).

This is frustrating because even though my conviction was expunged, I am faced with uncomfortable phone calls from prospective employers stating that their HR personnel are receiving this message from the electronic background response. This prompts me to explain that I have an expunged conviction, which leads them to ask about it, and there you go. Expunged no more. My question is whether this represents a glitch in the system? Will it always be like that? Is there anything I can do about it?

Many thanks in advance.
Rather than explain it you might simply tell them it has happened before and assure them the record is clear and be patient for the paper copy to catch up.
My question is whether this represents a glitch in the system?

An expungement simply is a way to try and mask a conviction.
About 30 years ago, it often succeeded.
Today, it rarely does.
The only way to have a conviction erased is by an executive pardon.
Executive pardons are rarely used on comm folk, as they are doled out to the patrons of the overlord.

Will it always be like that?

Hard to answer that, as I am but one of the common folk.
I can say, it has always been like that.
I don't imagine our overlords will be moved to do much more for us common folk than dole out a few bucks on an EBT card.

Is there anything I can do about it?

Hard to say what you can do.

Word in the welfare line is that most of us common folk "grin and bear it".
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The Shadow was an invincible crime fighter.

He had many gifts which enabled him to overcome every enemy.

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