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eviction.recovery of property/act 129

Discussion in 'Eviction, Recovery of Premises' started by dpml1, Jan 25, 2017.

  1. dpml1

    dpml1 Law Topic Starter Guest

    In Pennsylvania, just evicted a tenant from a house my LLC owns. She did not pay judgement against her for unpaid rent,s water, sewer so she was evicted. She had her attorney contact me 3 days after eviction to tell us that in 17 days she was coming to move out her personal property, She already had 20 days to know whe was beign evicted and to get out her property, but she took nothing with her when evicted. So now the house is filled with boxes of her trash, animal defacation,. So the court is telling me I cna not touch any of her personal property and have to allow her t oget it since she contacted me. However, can I impose a time limit for her move out, can I say you will have one hour to move your stuff out>his person ahs already destroyed the house so someone needs to be there when they move out, I donlt fell I have to site there for more than an hour for her to move out.
    ALso Act 128 also says I can charge storage fees for any day after 10 days the items are stored by me. Can I demand payment for storage fees before I allow tenants back in to pick up items. The details of Act 129 are rather vague and do not specify amount of time you have to give tenant to move out nor if you can demand payment of storage before move out. Does any one know if you can demand payment before allwoing tenant back in t oget their items and how long are you required to allow the mto move out their stuff.
  2. army judge

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    I suggest you do as the court told you.
    Don't expect to ever get that deadbeat to pay you a dime, just be glad the day her junk has been removed.

    If she hasn't removed her junk by the date she agreed to do so, I'd go back to court to have the marshals or the deputies do it.
    Yes, it cost you more, but also eliminates the trap scum like her tries to set.
    They delay so that they can sue you for touching and removing their junk.
    Also, some will burglarize the home, and claim their Rolex watch, their box of $50,000 in $100 bills with their lottery winnings, several gold bars, expensive jewelry, and lots of electronics.

    Scum like that is the reason I sold my properties 20 years ago and never looked back.

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