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Enbrel (entracept) possibly caused MS

Discussion in 'Professional, Medical Malpractice' started by seanluge, Sep 24, 2019.

  1. seanluge

    seanluge Law Topic Starter New Member

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    British Columbia
    Hey Everyone.

    I'm going to try and make this as brief and the least bit convoluted as possible.

    12 years ago I was diagnosed with Anklosing Spondilitis in Hamilton Ontario Canada. My Rheumatologist started me off with NSAIDs like IBUprofin, Naproxen, Diclofenac and naproxen and nothing seemed to help. Then we tried Enbrel and it seemed to help tremendously. I remained on Enbrel (once per wk injections) for 9 years.

    A few years ago started to develop some alarming symptoms that seemed to keep progressing. After consulting with my family Dr. and my rheumatologist along with a Neurologist and after numerous MRIs my Neurologist diagnosed me with Multiple Sclerosis.

    After my first visit to a Neurologist they told me to immediately stop taking Enbrel and I found out shortly after my MS diagnosis that Enbrel, in rare cases can cause demyelinating diseases. MS falls under the umbrella of Demyelinating diseases.

    Just wondering if someone could offer any advice if I have any sort of case against the drug company.


  2. justblue

    justblue Well-Known Member

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    I'm sorry, this site deals in United States Law only.

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