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Employer appealed my UI benefits and lied their way to victory!?!?

Discussion in 'Unemployment Insurance & Benefits' started by Justin R, Jun 18, 2020.

  1. PayrollHRGuy

    PayrollHRGuy Well-Known Member

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    Super simple, all you will have to do is notify the Tribunal that you want them to subpoena the records. The same goes for anyone you want to call as a witness.

    Kinda, sorta. The board knows what evidence was used by the hearing officer to write the Finding of Facts. It will be right there in front of them. As mentioned they seldom overrule Tribunal officers on what the officer chose to believe or not believe because while they can listen to the recording of the hearing they weren't there.

    As I said earlier no new evidence will be accepted. The only way to get it accepted is for you to get the BoR to vacate the ruling and with what you have written your best bet on that is to state you were so surprised and shocked by the new allegation they employer used you had no way at the time of the hearing to counter it.

    Not at all. They are going to assume that a person that testifies under oath is going to tell the truth unless there is some reason for them not to.

    That is exactly what you would want to not just mention but center your BoR review letter on.
  2. Justin R

    Justin R Law Topic Starter New Member

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    Aight sounds good. Thanks again man!

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