Negligence, Other Injury Emotional damage


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A funeral home is denying me visitation to my deceased parent but granted visitation to my sibling who paid the funeral home cost. The funeral home's excuse is that I should have came to visit with my sibling. I haven't seen my deceased parent in a long time and my parent made a request to see me before dying. I'm suffering a lot of emotional damages due to the action of the funeral home which I believe amounts to negligence and discrimination. Can I sue based on implied contract that a funeral home shouldn't deny visitation rights to an immediate relative regardless of which child paid for the funeral home? A deceased person isn't personal property that would belong to the person paying for the funeral home, in my opinion. Would I have a good cause of action?
No, the funeral home is not required to open and all anyone to visit at any time. It isn't clear why you didn't visit with your sibling or during the funeral/viewing. Your regret over not visiting the parent prior to their death is not the fault of the funeral home.
Sorry but you have no case against the funeral home. They did not do anything illegal.