Fraud, Embezzlement, Bad Checks Econ financial fraud charges dropped and didn't want them dropped!

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I have deen a victim of financial fraud in Colorado. A person took my $11,000 deposit for an ordered steel building , and he kept my money without giving me my item. This person took my money, wrote a check for cash to himself, and then filed bankruptcy and I got nothing. I did get someone in the Sheriff's office to investigate. They pressed felony theft charges and arrested him. Then when it came time to get ready for trial the DA dropped the case "because he felt the jury would feel the person was just a bad business man". I did get another office to keep investigating the man. The original investigator said it should have went to the econ fraud area and not the DA that originally had the case. However, the new DA and investigator said they can not re-charge him for his crime against me because the criminal has "right to a speedy trial". Is that really true?

I am so upset. What can I do? DO I not have any rights? If you can't offer advise on this, do you know where I can turn?
Since the Sherrifs office charged him before, would it be the same if I get the police to investigate? FBI? ANything I can do? It just isn't fair.
You can sue this person in civil court.
That's better than a criminal charge, because that wouldn't get your money back.
Talk to a couple lawyers in your county, see what they advise.
If he's filed BK, he's likely not included you.
If he had, you'd have been notified.
Wait until his BK is finished before filing, that way he won't get your debt discharged.
Ask the attorneys you speak with about this tactic.
You can offer the attorneys 40% of what they recover to get them interested in your case!
That could avoid out of pocket expenses today for you.

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