Criminal Records, Expungement DUI in Calf in 2001 and 2006 - both expunged - what shows up during background check?

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What exactly is my perspective employer going to see when they do a background check. I have two DUIs - one in 2001 and one in 2006...they are in different california counties and both were expunged in April 2010. How can I quickly see my record; is there a reputable website etc.
Your criminal history may come back clear, but your driving record might show the offenses.
Check with the counties where the offenses occurred, and get a copy of your long form driving record from DMV.
You wont find a website that will give reliable results.
Yes DMV shows 2006 DUI with expungement. But I need clarity on if 2001 DUI will show up on criminal search That is expunged too. Who can tell me quickly and can I go online
You can check with the local agency, jail and court that handled your case to see what they have. Since some of these will be public records (particularly any court records) it will be those records a prospective employer might search. if your county court has a website, check it out.

You can also go online and pay a couple of web-based background firms to see what they can find on you.

If your prospective employer is a government agency, depending on the job they may have additional sources to check.

Background investigations are not created equal. There is no way to predict what an employer may or may not discover.
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