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Hi! So my dog ran away on New Year's Eve because he was scared of the fireworks. Well I eventually found him through a post on Facebook a few days later. I called the woman that has him and we talked and I was honest with her and told her that the situation that I was living in was abusive. That shouldn't matter though because I have moved to my mothers house to take care of her because she recently had a stroke. Anyway to make a long story short this woman refuses to give me my dog back because she says I live in a unstable environment. She will not answer my calls my text she blocked me on Facebook nothing. I have had that dog for six years he is my emotional support animal. He was very well taken care of , very healthy and not neglected whatsoever. What can I do to make this woman and give me my dog back?

So my dog ran away New Year's Eve because the fireworks scared him. I found him a few days later through a post on Facebook that a lady post it saying that she found him. I immediately contacted her she confirmed she did in fact have my dog and we ended up talking for a while. I opened up to this woman and I was very honest with her. I was in an abusive situation with my boyfriend when the dog ran away. Since then I have moved into my mothers house because she recently had a stroke and I have to take care of her. Well now the lady is refusing to give me my dog back because she says that I'm in an abusive environment and the dog does not deserve that. What right does she have to keep my dog? She will not answer any of my calls or return any of my texts and she even blocked me on Facebook. That is my dog he was very well taken care of . He is very healthy very well fed and I have him on heartworm medicine and I take care of my animals. I have had this dog for six years since he was a baby and I am severely depressed because I cannot have him back. Do I have a case? Can I bring her to court and can the judge make her give me my dog back? I have tons of pictures of the dog by herself and with me and my family. I also have vet records.
What right does she have to keep my dog?

Legally, she has no right to wothhold your property.

However, there's very little you can do about it.

You might tell the police she has your property.

The police MIGHT try to help you recover your dog.
In most jurisdictions, if not all, this womans refusal to return your property is a crime.
When the police come knocking and inform her of this she may come to her senses.

I can't imagine why you haven't already reported this, but that is your next step.
This woman already knows to much about you. Why would you tell a STRANGER about any issues you are having in life? When you contacted her, it should have been hey you found my doggie. Great.. Can i come and get the dog. You will need to sue this person to get the dog back. You will need to provide proof of ownership. Be ready to explain to the judge all your personal life that you told this person.