Dodgers take 1st Place in NL West

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Last time Dodgers sat in 1st was April this year. However after routing AZ 7-2 last night with shutout ball tossed by Chad Billingsley they are 1/2 game in 1st with one more left to play against AZ at 1PM CA time today.

Sorry Jacks - Yankees fan here...:nuts
Well looks like this post season will be minus the Yankees for first time in many years. Right now AZ is beating us 3-2 they could regain 1st
Well... we all have ups and downs in life. We will come back, bigger, better and stronger next season. Take note of that! :D
Nice. I love people who appreciate not only the game but also show great sportsmanship!
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Red Sox only a game and a half out of first place in the division. Take THAT, Tampa!
I am going to give Manny a hair cut.... LOL!
If he ends up staying in LA I am guessing Torre will request that haircut. He made Beimel cut his I suspect Lowes shorter hair was requested by Torre as well but I am unsure
I keep telling my boyfriend - don't you get any ideas when it comes to copying that hairstyle and he keeps saying that is what makes Manny so powerful!
So hes Sampson huh?:D I tell you not sure I totally know or understand what happened in Boston but is isnt happenning here and we love him. Hes currently batting over .400 as a Dodger
Yeah, we loved him too...initially.

Talk to me again when you've had him a year or two. He's a great player but he's not worth the aggravation.
That is too funny cbg! LOL LOL - Jacks - you can keep him there for now!
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You two will appreciate this, I think.

Back in 2004 I used to help out a 96 year old woman who was still able to live in her own home but needed a little assistance from time to time. I would drop in a couple of times a week and make a meal or help her get ready for bed. She was an avid Red Sox fan and often would ask me to stay and watch part of a game with her. Johnny Damon was still with the Sox then and he had long hair at the time. She disapproved mightily and every time the camera focused on him she would cluck her tongue and say, "They should make him cut his hair".

She died before the end of the season but when Damon went to the Yankees the folllowing year and DID cut his hair, I thought I could hear her saying, "There! That looks better!"
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