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Do I have any rights here? moving personal property/ my horse?

Discussion in 'Moving In & Out, Movers' started by tamibunny, Jan 20, 2011.

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  1. tamibunny

    tamibunny Law Topic Starter New Member

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    I have been living with some very close friends I consider family for the past year,
    under a verbal agreement of $200/month for my room and $100/ month for my horse to stay in the pasture they have behind the house along with their horses.
    Long story short, I lost my job an was unable to pay the full amount every month.
    I still made payments to them every month ranging bettween 100- 325. I decided since I owe them money(about 2000 all together)I would sell my saddle for $750 and my horse for $3000 to pay my debt. I have since moved out of their house so not to accrue anymore debt. A few days ago they called me and told me they were putting a lien on my saddle, and that they will do the selling of it.(after I had made flyers and listed it on ebay) They also
    instructed me that I still owed the full $2000 and that my horses board would be costing an extra $100 a month. Then today I recieved a call from them saying that they have a "partial lien" on my horse.( no legal paper work has been filed for any of this). Also that if anyone is to come look at the horse that is still for sale they must be there and the horse may not leave the property to be tryed out by potential customers. If the horse does need to leave the property to be tried out I will have to pay for them to ship it. I offered them my horse in exchange for my debt. They said they did not want the horse. They "dont think it is even worth $2000, but are "thinking about getting it appraised and having me pay for it" ( which I know they really can't do)
    On topof that they have been opening my mail and with-holding the contents. I just want to get my horse and belongings out of there storage unit and move on. I still have my house key and my mail still gets delivered there. They told me today that they dont want me on ther property if noone is there, yet everytime I arrange a moving truck they say they cant be there. Anyways, do I have any rights to go get my things and horse without them being there. Im going be bringing police with me regardless.
    I feel as though I am in an impossible situation to liquidate the only assets I have to pay off my debt, when they are being
    withheld from me by the people I owe. I dont want this to escalate anymore than it has. These have been close friends of mine for the past 10 years.
    I know that my living with them did not cost them anything. I feel as though they are now looking to me to "fix" all the financial troubles they are having.
    Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you for your time.
  2. mightymoose

    mightymoose Moderator

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    If no legal paperwork has been filed then there is no lien. They are full of you know what.
    It is your horse, do with it as you please. Sell it, move it, whatever. The saddle too. You do not need them to be present for the horse. You also do not need them present to retrieve your property. You still have a key, your property is still there, and you have not been evicted, so get your stuff whenever you like. It is a good idea to bring the police with you to stand by and prevent any confrontations- and also to witness what property you remove from the house. You will need to make quick work of it though because they won't wait around all day while you pack boxes. It may be wise for you to gather up your horse and saddle and move them elsewhere before they disappear on you.
    If they have been opening your mail then you should report that to the post office and let them investigate. You should also put in a change of address so that your mail no longer goes there.
    It is good that you acknowledge your debt and are trying to pay it, and you don't need to put up with their obstructions. Pay what you can, and if they don't like it they can go to court and obtain a judgment against you.

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