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Deposition with Insurance Co., have some questions...

Discussion in 'Automobile & Car Insurance' started by Lincoln33407, Jun 17, 2010.

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  1. Lincoln33407

    Lincoln33407 Law Topic Starter New Member

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    I'm not 100% positive if this is the actual thread I need to be on, but here's my dilemma.

    2 years ago my husband was involved in an auto accident. He was a passanger in the vehicle, and was injured. We had filed a lawsuit against the DRIVER'S insurance, and settled about 10 months ago. Unfortunately right after we settled they cut my husband's dissibility and stopped paying his medical bill (including his initial hospital bill) which was included in our settlement, that they would pay.

    We then proceeded to re-file a lawsuit for payment of our medical bills, and payment of 7 months of dissability, and my services pay (housework, etc). We only claiming 7 months due to my husband returning to work (we HAD to because of finances, and impending delivery of our baby).

    We recently had a deposition with our attorney, and the insurance's attorney. Upon our interview their attorney was asking me questions about our wedding (which was last year). I had thought he was making casual conversation to calm the air. He had asked me general questions ie-where was it at, when, how big, and IF WE HAD A VIDEOGRAPHER AND PHOTOGRAPHER? I answered yes.

    Well now, their attorney is requesting a copy of our video. Which we never recieved, we still owe him some money and couldnt afford it, so we never got it from him. We advised our attorney of that, but my husband is afraid that now they will request they will pay to get it. There isn't really anything on there that is bad. Maybe a dance or two, but I will admit, he did take his pain medication that day, and it was our WEDDING DAY!

    There are different ideas as to what we should do. Is there anyway they could find out what videographer we used? Could they pay for it, and get it from our videographer? Someone suggested since they asked me about both services within the same question that I could say I meant yes to the photographer but not the videographer!

    Sorry if this is a long rant, but I'm confused as to what we should do! We dont want any MORE money then what's owed to us, and our medical bills they already agreed to pay, be paid!
  2. army judge

    army judge Super Moderator

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    Most lawyers never allow their clients to be deposed.

    A deposition got Bill Clinton into legal hot water.

    It eventually got him disbarred.

    It is better to tell the truth, than try and cure a statement with a lie.

    If you had a videographer, the truth will eventually come out.

    I suspect the insurance company is lining up guests from your wedding and trying to obtain personal photos and videos that people took.

    Making up some untruth, only makes things worse.

    If your husband feigned his injury, it'll come out no matter what you do.

    You should first speak with yoru lawyer about all of your "what ifs".

    Then follow the advice given in regard to how you should proceed.

    Bottom line, the cover up (if any) is always worse than addressing the issue head on!

    Telling the truth may hurt, but telling lies will just make everything worse!

    I'd give them the darn video and face the music.

    If your guy was "dirty dancing", when he should have been in a wheelchair, this isn't the ONLY proof they have.

    They've probably had a private investigator watching you for a long time.

    That explains why they reduced the payments when you settled.

    They know more than they are letting on, so don't make things worse for your family!

    And, next time, don't make small talk with lawyers.

    They never make small talk.

    They are always trying to trip you up for their client.

    In some ways, lawyers are worse than cops.

    How do I know? Because I don't just play one on the 'net, I am one in real life, too!

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