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Dentist small claims,they told me i was covered...

Discussion in 'Small Claims & Municipal Court' started by NickT916, Mar 4, 2008.

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  1. NickT916

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    I needed some dental work done, i went in knowing that i was probably not going to be covered for this type of work and thus i was willing to pay about $5-$6k tops. They suggested that i do more work and it will cost more, but i really didnt want to pay more, as i was already getting into debt with that amount. They called my insurance anyway and have told me that i will be covered 100% for all the work. I told them since thats the case then sure i would be willing to do more work that they suggested.

    The total came to over $10,000. They told me i had to pay the amount in full before they can start any work. After the treatment is done they will send it off to my insurance company and they will send me the money for all the work done within 6-8 weeks. It was a big amount to dig out, but i was able to do it knowing within 2 months i will get it all back so it wasnt that big of a deal.

    well i only got like $140 back and even that was made out to my doctors name and he had write me a check into my name. I emailed me dentist and ofcourse they were trying to say thing like yea well we didnt think you were gonna be covered blah blah blah...

    The only proof i have is talking to them through emails and having proof that they said i was covered, and im wondering if this is enough proof to take them to small claims for $5,000 or whatever the top off is in my state.

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