dentist billing problem


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I have implant done on my bridge from a different dentist. I decided to look for another dentist to do my bridge and 2 crowns. I got the estimate and since it's to expensive, i asked if i could make it into 2 payments for the procedure. Half of the total payment for half of the procedure done this year and half will be done the following year. The dental office agree. So, I made my first appointment and paid half of the amount in cash for the first procedure (month Nov.) and after a week later we got a letter from the insurance company that I need to submit all the paperworks for the claim. My husband and I went at the dentist office personally to informed them. They said they already taken care of it. December came and we got a call from the insurance company that we need to submit all papers or our claims will be denied. Next visit I asked if they submit all the necessary papers needed because we recieved a call from the insurance company. The dental office said they did. The following year, we paid the rest of the amount for the second procedure. To make the story short, the dentist office send us a bill...stating that the amount given was just a pre estimate and not the actual amount. I asked you think we will go through the procedure not knowing the exact amount we will be paying? Well, they make all these excuses saying they will give the insurance company a call. They then started sending us bill to pay online. We seek help through consumer at our area and informed the dentist of the problem. They agree to give us the full amount we paid but not the insurance owed and covered from the first procedure. They will take my bridge and crown themselves. My husband and I are thinking to take legal actions. My question we have a case? Please let me know how do we proceed from here.
My question we have a case? Please let me know how do we proceed from here.

The answer you seek will have to come from the lips of a Virginia licensed attorney.

If you seek the answer to your question, I suggest you seek out the services of a competent, licensed attorney in your county.