Other Debt Default Judgement, Pressler Vacated judgement, 2 days letter interro



Alright, so I have/had(?) a default judgement against me for close to a year now with no sort of correspondence from Pressler & Pressler (New Century) and 3 days ago I received a copy of them filing for a vacated judgement, which the actual docket now reflects a vacated judgement.

Just today I received a regular piece of mail (trying to look like a common pleas paper) for a Discovery in Aid of Execution, Written Interrogatories but I'm thoroughly confused on a few things.

1.) The docket/case is closed, so what exactly is them filing (and the docket reflecting) a vacated judgement? Some places say vacating a judgement cancels it, some places say it just puts it aside, it voids it, etc?

2.) This is regular mail asking for crazy information like SSN#'s, Bank Account Numbers, Vehicle Information (vin, plate, etc) basically all the things every goverment agency says you should never send in the mail and since this isn't a.) certified and b.) not from the actual courts is this a legal requirement, even with the vacated judgement?

Of course on the bottom of the cover sheet it says Pursuant to Rule 3117 of the PA Rules of Court, We request ... return the answers with the originals of the questions... what the hell does that even mean? You sent me the questions with space to write answers.
You are under no obligation to answer questions posed by a scammer.
The judgment is no more, if it ever was.
Now the scammer wants you to provide your personal details to facilitate your own fleecing.
If its real, you'll be served again.
Until that happens, which it won't, ignore the crooks.