Dealer requesting additional payment post sale


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I just purchased a new vehicle in Iowa, I live in Minnesota. The purchase price was agreed to, an extended warranty was also purchased for the dealer suggested price. All paperwork was signed and a check was written and has been cashed by the dealer. A few days later the sales person contacted me to say the actual registration fee was approximately $450 more and that I needed to pay that amount. I asked for more info, received no tangible specific details, and continue to be contacted by the sales person because I have not paid this additional fee. Understandably, this $450 is small compared to the price of the new vehicle. However, this situation just doesn't feel right. Am I responsible for paying for the (unintentional) error of the dealership?
It would seem to me that you are, in fact, responsible for the registration costs for your vehicle. As alluded to by @zddoodah above, your sales contract would be the best place to look for your answer(s).
Am I responsible for paying for the (unintentional) error of the dealership?

Read the contract and other documents you signed, or retain the services of an attorney to do so on your behalf.

Car dealers are an extremely clever, conniving, close-fisted, and crafty lot. My guess is if you refuse to pay the tribute demanded, the dealership will find a way to claw back the funds in dispute, or end up repossessing the vehicle.
I suspect that OP will find that the registration fees (especially for an out-of-state registration) will be stated as "estimated" in the contract. I could be wrong...but I doubt it.