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I don't want to post his real name here since he goes by initials. Those of you who know him from here (he joined here when legalworkplace (AHI) closed their forum) or other forums know his real name. I assume no one has ever heard from him/anything about him? It is certainly not like him to not post for so long - he posted about every day. cbg & I sent e-mails w/o a reply.

Does anyone know approximately how old he is? I am asking for a reason. I know his state & also his city where he is/was living.

Thanks. Betty3 (much concerned)
I believe, but I don't know for sure, that he is in his late fifties or early sixties. HrforMe might know.
Thanks. I was thinking around 60.
I was able to obtain some information on a David A. Warren (age 60 this year), payroll professional. City - Oakland, Ca. which is what he had posted as his location on the payroll forum. They said what they gave me (address & phone #) was the most recent they had. I called the # - disconnected. I went ahead & sent a note to the address given to see if I get any kind of reply from anyone or if it is returned "not at this address" or something. :(
I will & if anyone else hears anything/finds out anything, please let us all know.
Thanks. I just can't stop wondering about him.
Was he from CA? I found a obit for a David Warren, age 60, who passed from cancer in Sept. Hope it's not him. He has great source of knowledge and I loved his story about the audit that went into files from employees who hired/termed decades ago.
He was/is (last info I got) from Oakland, Ca. - would be probably 60 this year. However, he was posting until the middle of March of this year. (He was posting part-time for a while instead of just about every day like previously & then stopped completely.)

Appreciate the info though - also glad though it's not him. He just disappeared it seems from the internet/forums.....; makes you wonder/worry. Excellent payroll person & I loved his stories also.
I'm not on payrolltalk though I know you & DAW posted/post there quite a bit. It seems all the forums he was posting on (that I know of) have a last post in March. Don't know what happened.....
March 24 seems to be the last day he posted anywhere. I sent emails to two different email addresses and didn't hear back from either one.
I checked with Pat Haggerty also - he had sent e-mails to him but has not heard back/never heard back.

I e-mailed him, sent a note to last known address & heard nothing back. I called last known phone # & it was disconnected. :(
I still haven't been able to find anything out about DAW. :(

I'm not giving up yet though.
I wonder if we will ever know what happened to DAW. I hate not knowing. On some forums he used his initials though on Payroll Talk (I'm not on that forum) he used his name - David Warren.
hrforme-you're on LLT also so you might have seen this (there's a thread there re DAW also). Elle mentioned that Patty's (RIP) boyfriend might have some info on David because she & David kept in touch. cbg contacted him on 6-8 when he was out of town - was to check when he got back. Today cbg said she just heard back the other day but she has had so much going on lately that she hasn't been able to follow up yet.

This info is for everyone who knows DAW even though I addressed it to hrforme.
Re above, I was talking about contact info - like maybe on her computer - something different than we already tried.
He did!! Click on General Payroll Topics -- he did replies.
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