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Daughter Vs. Daughter (aka Georgia Vs. Daughter)

Discussion in 'Other Family Law Matters' started by DLarkinsL, May 8, 2006.

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  1. DLarkinsL

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    I am writing in regard to a case that involves my two daughters. My oldest daughter, MLW, was charged with “Pimping and Pandering” my younger daughter BEW. The authorities alleged that MLW arranged/forced her younger sister, BEW to have sex with a 19 year old male in exchange for drugs. At the time of the incident, MLW was 19, and BEW was one month shy of 16. (During an interview with my daughter BEW, authorities also learned that she (BEW) had been raped by my next-door-neighbor several months before while his wife was out of town.)
    The issues that concern me about this are that BOTH of my daughters love each other, and have always been very close and consider each other to be “best friends”. Yes, what my oldest daughter did was wrong, and she pled guilty to the crime. She is currently incarcerated. She received the following sentence: 6 months (no time off for good behavior), 10 years probation, 300+ hours of community service, $1000’s in fines, pay her attorney fees of $750, sex-offender registration and…. for the 10 years she is on probation – she is to have NO unsupervised contact with her sister, and she is also to pay for counseling for herself and her sister, as well as any family counseling.

    My issues are as follows:

    1) My daughter (BEW, the victim) wants and NEEDS counseling, but refuses to go. She feels very guilty that her sister is in jail. She cries night after night because she wants her best friend back. Nobody can deny that she needs to talk to someone. Unfortunately, the Court ordered that my oldest daughter (MLW) pay for counseling. This Order has put a great deal of pressure on my daughter (BEW, the victim) because she knows that her sister will never be able to afford the counseling fees, and she does not want to put that burden on her in addition to all the other “stuff” the Court ordered. I am SO SCARED that the way things are going, my daughter (BEW) will try to kill her-self… again.

    2) My daughter (BEW, the victim) WANTS very much to have contact with her sister. I was informed by the DA that I would not be able to be considered a “fit” supervisor for visitation between the girls because of-course, they were both living with me when this incident occurred, and my being a single working-mom was no excuse). The girls have been apart for the last year, and despite requests to the DA from numerous professionals, the girls were denied the opportunity to even counsel together during the past year. My youngest daughter will turn 18 in less than a year. In her mind, when she turns 18 she can see whomever she chooses, unfortunately, if she does that then my oldest daughter will risk going to jail for 10 years. Can the Court really order that 2 adults who want to be with each other can’t be together unless they are “supervised” by an outside third party?

    3) This whole ordeal has impacted me more than anyone could ever understand. I was forced to “trust” the authorities that this happened, and was never allowed any other “confirmation”. I did everything that I was supposed to do. Between my daughter (BEW) and I, there were 5 counseling appointments each week. I missed a lot of work because of these appointments, and I will be the first one to admit that I was a basket-case and literally unable to concentrate and/or perform at work. And after several months, I lost my job, and subsequently lost my house. It's been HELL. I lost everything - didn’t I earn the right to address the Court on the day of sentencing? But, the DA approached me and my daughter while we were sitting outside the Courtroom on the day of sentencing and informed me that I “WAS NOT to address the court”. That “this case needed to go down fast” and she did not want a “dog and pony show”, in addition, I believe that she stated it had been a tough day for her and she did not have time for me to go in front of the Judge and be “all emotional”… After all that counseling I finally learned that I had a voice, and for whatever reason, I allowed the DA to take it away from me. More importantly, I think that as the mother of a minor child/victim, it should have been my right to address the Court.

    There is another issue that bothers me a great deal… the DA that was originally prosecuting this case between my two daughters, was also prosecuting the case of my daughter (BEW) being raped by my next-door-neighbor (which I had noted at the beginning of this letter). Unfortunately, this particular DA was FRIENDS with the neighbor accused of raping my daughter. But the DA never said a word about them being friends. I actually found out “by accident”, and brought it to the attention of authorities by asking them if it wasn’t a conflict of interest. Shortly thereafter, the case was assigned to a different DA, at which point I was told to BACK DOWN and that if I was going to move forward with allegations of wrong-doing, then the PD handling my daughter’s (MLW) case would not defend her. The whole thing really struck me as being odd, and there is no way it could be a coincidence. I want to report this, but who do I report it do?? Does anyone really care other than me?? Why was this same DA who was taken off the case suddenly back in the courtroom and involved in my daughter’s sentencing?? I actually had stepped out of the Court room for a minute and when I came back in he was addressing the Court in regard to part of her sentencing! Should this have been allowed knowing that there was a “history” with his involvement in the first place??

    I realize that I have a lot of hate and bitterness in my heart right now, and if there are no legal issues here, then that’s fine - I just need someone (other than the “authorities”) to tell me that. All I want is my family back the way it was. :(

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