Negligence, Other Injury Dance Dance Revolution

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Yep, it's that arcade game that people jump around on, following directions on a screen.

I'm with a gaming group called FANG (Fans of Adventure and Nonprofit Gaming), and we are planning a convention called TengaiCon ( [/end shameless plug] :D

Anyway, we are a group of gamers who want to run a DDR tournament. We are not a nonprofit organization, though we are planning to file with the state of Kansas as such later this year. The tournament is on a college campus, in the student union ballroom. If someone reading this needs to know the county, the event's in Riley county.

Now, with all this jumping around, we figure someone is going to slip, fall, trip, stumble, or hurt themselves in a way that makes us ask, "how did they do THAT?!?" :eek:

How can we protect ourselves from major lawsuits from DDR injuries? :confused: I've found some other waivers online already and have asked permission to use them, but would like as much advice as I can get.
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