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CPS record question, Please help

Discussion in 'Other Family Law Matters' started by texas2005, Apr 28, 2005.

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  1. texas2005

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    I have recently graduated with a BS in Criminology. I was in a class, as I need experience, for CASA when someone mentioned that if you have a record with CPS that it disquailfies you as a CASA. I got so upset I never went back to the class, with only two days left in training.
    My husband is divorced with two sons. My husband and I have a daughter together. His youngest at the time 11 years old came to visit and stay the night, not unusual since I have know him and cared for him since he was 4. But during the course of the visit my daughter (3 years at the time) came running into my room telling me that the 11 year old had exposed himself to her. Remember she was only three and was shocked at what he did. I called my husband who was at work and things got ugly fast. I talked to my daughter's doctor about it and my husband talked to a counslor at his work. Well it was reported to CPS as possible child abuse by the 11 year old. The police came to our house they took our statements, CPS got involved, we signed forms with them insuring we would keep the 11 year old away, not a problem because we had already made it clear to him that he was not welcomed back. We have not seen him since then ( 2 years ago). The prosecutor never went forward with it since he is a minor, even tho I would want him to punish this person who is now 14 going on 15.
    Well, it turns out this whole situation has closed conventional opportunities for me. I can't get a job in my field because of the CPS record. I am soooo angry. :mad:
    None of this was my or my husbands fault. She was checked and was negative for any physical/sexual abuse by him, but he still exposed himself while aroused and wanted her to perform oral sex on him. She was so shocked and scared she ran out of her playroom looking for me to tell what she had seen.
    This was the only display of behavioral problems we have ever seen with him. Tho we have been told by other family memeber that he had displayed bad sexual behavior at is home, he lives with his mom and step-dad (SHE could have mentioned it and I would have never allowed him to come over). We had also learned that CPS had been contacted by someone years ago that the boys watched porn with the step-dad. They would have been 9 and 13 years old at the time. But my husband's ex won't speak to CPS and it turns out it is not against the law to deny them the investigation. CPS dropped the investigation with my daughter after they tried to interview my 3 year old and she denied everthing (of course) why would she open up to a stranger about something so shocking to her.
    Sorry this seems long. I made it as brief as I could.
    What should I do. Is there a way of seeking damages? Clearing my record? I am at a lose. I feel I have been punished for doing things by procedure. This can really discourage someone about the whole system.
    I replay things in my mind over and over. I would never have done it different. My child is my world. My husband's ex says I should have never reported this to the doctor and settled things within the family. I believe I did the right thing. But now it makes me look bad because I have a CPS record or am involved with a CPS record because it was in my house.
    What do I do? :(

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