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Could I go to jail for pushing away my sister after she attacked first Domestic Violence & Civil Orders

Discussion in 'Criminal Charges' started by Dante170, Jul 9, 2014.

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  1. Dante170

    Dante170 Law Topic Starter New Member

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    My sister knows her way around the law very well she is currently a 911 operator and will soon become a police officer. I should also mention that she is my my legal guardian and she is 26 years of age and I am 15 . The other day we fought because she asked me if I could find a pet hotel for our dog, I made a mistake and forgot to ask about vaccines she can get in the meantime. She called me a f***ing idiot and worthless. She actually does this quite often and gets angry very easily so we argue a lot as a result, I want to say she has anger issues but I'm no phsycologist. Anyways I usually react by going outside and going for a run or just sitting down and listening to music, but this time she really made me angry so I said "shut the f*** up" so this angered her and she got up and swung at me I ducked and backed up and she quickly reached out to scratch my face but I grabbed her hands so she would not scratch me she then digged her claw-like nails onto my hands where I was grabbing her leaving bleeding marks. This hurts really bad so I pushed her onto the bed ran away and she followed until I paused and turned and said stop 3 times. She threatened to call the police because I hit her and called me a faggot because apparently only gay guys hit girls. I really want to know if she can actually do that even though I did not hit her is only pushed her to keep her from clawing me even more I asked her if she had any bruises or if she was hurt in any way when she fell on the bed she said no. I just want concrete evidence to prove her wrong . She is very stubborn and all I want is to show her I was not doing anything illegal in anyway. She is my legal guardian and she can correct me so this is why I believe that she may send me to jail if she chooses to. She continues to say I work for the police and I know these things and you could go to jail for pushing me and also says I'm starting to end up like my father(who almost hurt my mother with a deadly weapon, a machete). She says I pushed her which is physical contact which counts as domestic violence but I'm not sure myself because she swung first and she stabbed me with her claws with the marks to prove it. Thank you for all your answers
  2. disagreeable

    disagreeable Well-Known Member

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    It sound like you both need to be sent to bed with no supper. You should not have gabbed her, that could be considered the fist act of assault and you been charged. Perhaps you need to call CS and ask to be placed into the foster care system if you cannot handle living with family.
  3. army judge

    army judge Super Moderator

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    Life can be very difficult, son, at age 15, or even age 95.
    I commend you for what you normally do when you get upset.
    Running, listening to music, reading, playing a game, or taking a nap are all great ways to take your mind off of trouble, calm down, and deal with life.
    Let's hope the incident that prompted you to post won't ever happen again.
    To see that it doesn't let it go.
    You gain nothing, except useless pride, by proving she was wrong.

    Let's just say she was wrong, no need to prove it.
    No need to tell her she was wrong, because she thinks she wasn't.
    So, be the bigger person, and apologize.
    Just tell her, you lost her head, lost control, and you're going to work on yourself so that you never allow that to happen again.

    Son, this had nothing to do with yoru dad, your mom, or the Easter Bunny.
    Whatever you did, you did.
    Ask yourself, what if sissy had decided against becoming your guardian?
    You could be living with people so evil that they make Satan look like an angel.

    Now, the good news.
    In less than three years, you'll be 18 years old.
    That means you'll be an adult.
    You can choose where you live, wit whom you live, and make your own decisions.
    Trust me, son, I'm an old man; and I enjoy my life.
    But, even at my age, I'd love to a kid living with mommy and daddy.
    Looking back, life was pretty darn good for me.
    Don't get me wrong, I'm happy today, but I was happy then, too.

    Okay, do what you do to relieve that stress, let it go, and keep trudging forward.
    Despite what has happened in your life, and sissy's life, you guys seem to have your respective acts together.
    Don't allow one silly incident to keep you from going where you want to go.
    You and sissy don't need the cops to settle things, you just bury the hatchet (not in her back - just a jokey joke - LOL) and say you're sorry.
    It won't cost you a darn thing, but you'll feel so much better.
    How do I know?
    Because, I've been saying I'M SORRY for decades, and each time I said it, it made things better!

    One last thing, get back to me, and let me know how things turn out, please!!!!
  4. Proserpina

    Proserpina Moderator

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    And...just another side of things (because there's really not much that could ever top AJ's response on this one!).

    Hon, you're 15. She's 26, and for whatever reason you are legally her responsibility. That has to place her in a position where there's far more stress on her than would be normally - and that's not even touching on her having a very high stress job.

    You're trying. She's trying.

    As long as you're both clear with each other that yes, you get mad from time to time but (as cliched as it sounds) that doesn't mean that you both don't care immensely. If you say that to her, even if she looks all smug about it, I can guarantee you that you've just soothed over a part of her which was hurting.

    You're a good kid. You don't have to be right all the time, and neither does she.

    Stay with it :)
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