Negligence, Other Injury Could I be Liable for This?

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I'm currently planning a bus trip for 9th grade students to Cedar Point amusement park in Sandusky, OH. The travel agent I'm working with is used to dealing with schools, churches, etc. This is a little bit of a problem for me, because I am an individual and don't have liability insurance or anything of the like. There is one form which I will upload that says the parents cannot hold me responsible, but I'd like to double check before I go ahead and do this.

In the permission slip, I am referred to as the "trip director."
The permission slip will not protect you from liability.

The permission slip will not protect you from liability. As a matter of public policy, one may not disclaim their own negligence.

Consider this: If it were possible for a signed disclaimer document to shield a person or entity from liability for negligent acts or omissions, there would be no lawsuits against doctors for medical malpractice, no lawsuits against airlines, bus companies, train companies in the event of a crashes, no lawsuits against drug companies for bad drugs, etc...

If a disclaimer or waiver could protect a company from liability, there would be no phen-phen or vioxx cases. Drug companies would have patients sign a disclaimer of liability and waiver before a prescription would be filled.

I hope my answer to your question doesn't ruin your day.
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