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Madam, Mr,
I am French and would like to know whether action against Google USA is possible in my case.

At the end of 2021, I decided to undergo aesthetic surgery. So I start my search for the aesthetic surgeon in Paris, who will be the most competent in my case.

I did my search on the internet. I check the surgeon's site but also and above all I look at his Google rating. This Google rating corresponds to a word of mouth survey for me.

But not knowing anyone who has undergone surgery, I look at Google reviews and especially the note. At the time, the score was between 4.5-4.7. This is quite good for an aesthetic surgeon. So I choose a surgeon in Paris.

This operation (2022) will be a disaster. A recovery (2023) will increase the damage. Furious, I post a negative opinion on Google. My opinion will be systematically deleted. In addition, another patient will post negative opinions and other people (whom I do not know) will also do so. All notices will eventually be deleted by Google, obviously at the surgeon's request. For my personal review, I appeal their decision, my appeal will be accepted. Then my review will be withdrawn again and my appeals rejected signifying the non publication of my notice.

So I understand that Google reviews can be handled by the relevant professional account holder. I was convinced that negative notices could not be deleted and therefore this Google note was trustworthy.

Above all, I know that if this practice is used by this professional consistently, its score would be much worse and I will not have chosen it. And so, I will not be in a deplorable physical and psychological state.

I feel that Google has been involved in some kind of deception.

So, I would like to know if legal action can be taken. Since I find it unacceptable that reviews can be used to manipulate and deceive people's free choice of decision. In summary, this surgeon reports and makes Google refuse the opinions that he dislikes and Google validates and is aware of validating given the decision calls that are made to him making it clear that the described experience is real. More surprisingly, pseudo and undetailed positive opinions are well validated by the platform and appear in number after the dissemination of a negative opinion (which will eventually be withdrawn like all others).

Google can therefore not ignore that the note of this surgeon is misleading and that this surgeon was described as a dangerous individual.

Thank you in avance for your answer
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