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    Consumer Protection:Actions vs Google

    Madam, Mr, I am French and would like to know whether action against Google USA is possible in my case. At the end of 2021, I decided to undergo aesthetic surgery. So I start my search for the aesthetic surgeon in Paris, who will be the most competent in my case. I did my search on the...
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    Protection orders, and how they apply to others

    I am an executive at a private club in WA state. Two of our members got divorced. and there is a protective order. We have told the couple, that if HE is in the bar first, she cannot enter. And if SHE is in the bar first, that HE may not enter. Their divorce is NOT our business, and we do not...
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    Permitted Mode of Communication during Protection Order

    My wife and I are non-US citizens (from Philippines). I’ve been issued a protection order for 12 months; and we’re separate since 6 months. I’m on a work visa, and my wife is on a dependent visa. For personal reasons, I’m planning to move to my home country. Since I’ve to resign in the US, and...
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    Convoluted Sell of parent's house which is in MAPT

    Hi, We are trustees of Medicaid Asset Protection Trust created for out mother more than 5 years ago. She will be moving into an apartment built as an addition to my sister's home. We have used money from our mother's assets outside the trust to make a down payment, and for the final payment, we...
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    Baby Mama holds car hostage with TPO

    Ok... So I'll try to ask this question as simply as possible after a little back story. My child's mother (baby mama) has been doing her best to get me in trouble and make me look bad for a child custody battle. I was arrested in September of 2021 for domestic violence and took a plea deal. In...