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I handle mortgage loans for a living and ran across a borrower that had a short sale in 2009. Like all short sales of that era, the title company and Realtor did all of the negotiating. The short sale was approved by two lenders. Somewhere in the transaction she was told she had to pay $20,000 and they set her up with monthly payments. Fannie Mae discharged the debt, and when the borrower inquires how this came about, they act like collectors and threaten to ruin her life. She doesn't even know who this debt collection company (Dyck O'Neal) is collecting for - they are not the original creditor. Normally, I would tell her to reach out to the collection company and see if there is a solution to settle her account, but I suspect they didn't play fair back in 2009, and they were downright ugly on the phone with her. A quick check shows a terrible consumer track record and tons of litigation (surprise, bad reviews on debt collectors).

The short sale was her only solution in 2009 - she was upside down and was transferred for work. She needs to hire a firm to verify she legitimately owes this debt (it sounds like the lenders accepted the short sale and this "debt" was just sold off to someone) and possibly settle the debt. Her credit is a priority for work and security clearances, but feels stupid of she was tricked. This all occurred in Georgia, but she currently lives in Washington, DC. What is the best way to go about this? She approached me to help her find someone . I did some online searching, but not impressed with the clickbait. I have had good luck here (when it was another name - asklaw?) before and thought I would try again.
She doesn't even know who this debt collection company (Dyck O'Neal) is collecting for - they are not the original creditor.

Hmmm, here is something about teh collector.

Dyck-O'Neal, Inc. is a debt collector. This is an attempt to collect a debt and any information obtained will be used for that purpose. Please see the Legal Notice below for important information concerning your rights under applicable federal and state law.

The website: Dyck-O'Neal | The Leading Nationwide Purchaser, Collector and Servicer of Real Estate Loans

You might suggest your friend speak with a bankruptcy law attorney.

The debt from 2009 might no longer be collectible, depending on the circumstances, which you shouldn't disclose over the internet.

The BK attorney might even offer her additional options.

There are hundreds of reputable attorneys in the DC area.