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Re: my earlier post, the events took place in Aug '07. I have not yet been charged with any crime or misdemeanor related to the issues I presented. The sheriff decided there was insufficient evidence to link me to the marijuana that was planted in the house. Nothing came of the covert camera issue. A hearing was held a couple weeks later and the issues presented. Counsel for the plaintiff waved the plastic bag of my legal steroid in my face and proclaimed me a steroid abuser. Photos of the covert cameras were passed about the courtroom. None of the physical evidence was brought to court, only the photos. I denied culpability for what they found.
Segue: for the first five years of my marriage, I was the victim of repeated verbal, psychological and physical abuse. After years of taking beatings at the hands of my domineering wife, making excuses for the black eyes and bloody noses, I finally had her arrested in April of 2005. She pled guilty to simple assault and got a PJC. She did not learn from her mistakes and was later to continue to abuse me. We never did share a bedroom the whole marriage long. I had my room, she had hers. Her MO was to back me into my room, close the door so my daughter would not be witness to the physical abuse and arguing. I recognized the escalating potential for more attacks as her harangues became increasingly vicious day to day. I then DID place a tiny wireless, covert camera in my room. It had a narrow field of view and if I was to catch my wife on camera hitting me, I had to manuever her into position. I never got the chance.
Somehow, in 2007 she found the camera and remote recorder and didn't let me know. Obviously, she was furious and understood the significance of what it was there for. So, in a bid for vengenace, she and her parents set up the scheme to frame me coincident with the petiton for divorce and ex parte order to have me barred from the marital residence and from having contact with my daughter, then 7 years old.
Back to the hearing of 2007, a reciept was found for my purchase of the one and only camera I used to protect myself in MY room only. The judge took that as reason to believe I had procured ALL the cameras. It is paradoxical what the judge's summary stated. On the one hand, he dissolved the exparte order and told me I could return to my residence whereupon I could see my daughter 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Yet, he further stated that it was in the opinion of the court that it was more likely that I had planted the cameras. He then laid out a division of custody wherein I could have custody of my child on weekends. Yet, this was all under the premise of me living in the marital residence where I could see her any time. I just couldn't make decisions till the weekend. That part still mystifies me today. If he thought I was the monster they had made me out to be, he wouldn't have let me back in the house, now would he? But then why the commentary - which is now part of public record - that alludes to me being some kind of perverse child pornographer?
I was never able to get my divorce attorney to get access to the physical evidence the deputies collected nor the photos. I hired a separate attorney to mount a civil suit. First order of business was to see the evidence, track serial numbers etc. and get to the source of the hoax. The sheriff's dept told him they had returned the evidence to MY WIFE! Without it, the second attorney told me we didn't have a case. There is no evidence log in our case file for the plaintiff. How can THAT be? They brought drugs and photos of hidden cameras to court sufficient to make the judge say what he did in his summary, yet none of it was remanded to evidence lockup.
I want to bring this to the DA, with the aid of a criminal lawyer and yes, I sure would mount the civil suit as well. But what have I got? An encrypted audio CD of the hearing transcript that will cost me over $700 to have transcribed and it is an AUDIO. A typed transcript from a superior court would have notations to the effect <photos of cameras passed to judge; photos of cameras passed to counsel for the defense; bag of steroids shown to judge, etc> But not in an audio CD. If there is a verbal remark that clearly identifies the presence of evidence in that courtroom, I will be lucky. But it's all I have to date. If I can get a copy of the guest register from the hotel the father in law took my daughter to (and I know which one it is) then I can show his presence there with my daughter at the time of the fraud. (And just why would he take my daughter to a hotel when there was more than enough accomodations in my house for all?)
Do I have a case?
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