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Conflict of interest?

Discussion in 'Lawyers, Legal Practice, Ethics & the Bar' started by Buzzz, May 19, 2022.

  1. Buzzz

    Buzzz Law Topic Starter New Member

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    Went through conservatorship process with my elderly father. My brother insisted on being part of process, tho I was hesitant due to his control issues and lack of being involved with our father. One of the law offices I contacted for consultation said he could be my council if my brother was also involved in process, which I agreed to hoping he might be supportive etc. Said the reason must have brother onboard as well is that he represented him in his divorce 10 yrs prior.

    For the sake of brevity I'll cut to chase....
    Several months after beginning conservatorship process my brother becomes abusive and threatening to father. A repeat of past behaviors my I decide not in fathers best interest for brother to be co-conservator. Also find out that the lawyer was acting as brother's council prior and at time I hired him on for conservatorship. That he was working with brother to find possible ways to take awayy POA for father, and/ or file/gain conservatorship if father himself (sideline me). He was doing this because of his power and control issues, he wanted control of father's finances.

    Result- after learning the lawyer had witheld his precious client relationship with brother, and because lawyer wasn't responding to any of my calls or emails I fired him and obtained new legal council. But I wouldn't have hired him as council had I known or been told that my brother was his client at and before I signed on with him. I wasted alit of time and energy on the conservatorship process because of his nondisclosure, which translated into more time my father had to send monies to various online romantic scammers. Money in the five figures.

    Did this lawyer violate ethical rules by his non-disclosure of relationship with my brother? I am ready to submit a full grievance to the state bar.
    Is he possibly liable for money my father lost to scammers as the result in delayes in conservatorship caused by his non-disclosure and that I was forced to seek out and.hire a new attorney? thank you.
  2. army judge

    army judge Super Moderator

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    Probably NOT, but uninvolved, uninformed STRANGERS can't make that call.

    If you believe your truth, contact the state bar and file a complaint.

    If you BELIEVE that to be the correct action, just do it, already.

    There is NOTHING STRANGERS can do to help you resolve your concerns.

    Again, the opinions of STRANGERS carries far less weight than your opinion.

    You might want to contact the state bar and see what you can learn.

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