Chargeback was denied but the loan company says they already sent the payment back?


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According to Chase a "suspicious person" called in and filed chargebacks on my account. They were denied the following day. The loan company for my car stated they already sent the money back to Chase ($2,800) but Chase has to record of it. Chase has been very helpful but the loan company has done absolutely nothing to help me and I have been calling them everyday for over a month. Whenever I call all they tell me is that they don't have the money. I can't even get them to look into this at all no matter how many managers I speak with. The customer service reps just don't seem trained to handle this type of situation. I filed a complaint with the federal reserve a couple weeks ago and still nothing. It has gotten to the point where my account is about to be charged off and my car repossessed. I don't have another $2,800 to give them. I don't know what to do.