Juvenile Crime caught trying to shoplift but let go- what now ??

phoebe smart

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United Kingdom
HELP!! I'm really scared right now I'm bunking off school (im fifteen) and I decided to go to a clothes store- not with the intention of stealing anything but in the moment I ended up stuffing a few things into my pocket and tried to hide clothes within clothes to go into the changing room. I got caught. The guy let me in knowing I brought in more clothes than I said I had "and the shorts as well? And this top? So four items, not two? Okay" then I heard him asking security to check the cameras. I heard from inside the changing room security coming back and confirm that I had done it. Then the guy said "call the police or get the other security" I didn't know what that meant but I was really scared. I emptied my pockets onto the floor of the changing room and walked out and said I didn't want anything. The guy acted natural as if I was a normal customer. When I walked out security was staring at me. I'm home now but I'm really shaky.... will they call my school ( I had my uniform on) ? Are the police after me? What happens now????? Is this the last I hear of this???
(Btw I really don't want to be judged- I'm a recovering anorexic and I've got severe depression and anxiety- I've started to steal quite a lot.. I know it's awful and inexcusable it's just something I like to do
No one knows for sure what might happen. You will need to wait & see. You need to learn to not like to steal & quick. (get counseling)
Why do so many captured thieves confess upon apprehension and become scared prior to their court appearance?