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    My friend has court this Friday. She was charged for, "
    OUT OF STATE - FUGITIVE" for leaving the state she was first charged in and not meeting up with her P.O. They've transferred her back to the original state and they told her she could get up to two years. It's a misdemeanor, any opinion on what will happen? Will she be sentenced to two years or set free?

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    She needs to tell her PO of this arrest if she hasn't already. She might also want to talk to a lawyer. Her probation could very well be revoked.
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    Absconders in Texas, heck all over the south tend to receive harsher sentences than in other regions of the USA.

    I can't say your pal will get NUTIN or SUMPIN, other than to say you advise her to get her affairs in rider, JUST IN CASE!!!