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Hello. I am classified as mentally disabled under the federal government as I am on SSDI income for PTSD and anxiety problems. It is against the law for me to own the definition of a firearm. Its my understanding airsoft pistols arent considered firearms.

My questions are: Am I legally allowed to own said airsoft pistol that I'm considering buying. Would I legally be allowed to "carry" this concealed in public? My primary motivations are we are in a neighborhood with many pitbulls. I was mauled by one several months back. They're everywhere around here and I've had to fight 2 more pitbulls in the past to get them away from attacking my dog. As we all are aware, once a pitbull decides to attack, they were bred to attack to the death. This airport would be a non lethal option to stop an aggressive dog threat.
Neither Ohio nor Federal law prohibit you from carrying an airsoft. Note that Ohio law requires a blaze orange tip on any airsoft gun for it to be legal.
This airport would be a non lethal option to stop an aggressive dog threat

There are several less than lethal options to quell attacks by canines.

As a former newspaper delivery boy, WAY BACK IN MY YOUTH, I discovered a tightly rolled up newspaper to be most effective.

These days when I take a walk though my neighborhood or city park, I always take along my hiking pole/stick. It has proved to be very effective.

One of my neighbors uses his cane, which he refers to as his magical shillelagh.

Here are some additional options:

FULL DISCLOSURE, I own Dog Dazer II, as noted below.
I've used it. The darn thing does as advertised. The angry canine immediately removes itself from your vicinity, and you can continue your walk in peace. The canine, nor are humans, harmed by the ultrasonic noise it emits.

PetSafe Citronella Animal Deterrent


HALT Dog Repellent

SABRE RED Pepper Gel

Sound Defense K9 Warning Device

Sound Defense Dog Horn

Dog Dazer II Ultrasonic Dog Deterrent

Zomma Handheld Dog Repellent

Carrying a firearm, especially a FAKE/FAUX one can sometimes bring more harm to the carrier, than the possessor can effect upon her/his attacker.


Cincinnati, Columbus and Cleveland have laws restricting air guns and pellet guns. Fox 19-WXIX explains Cincinnati classifies airsoft guns as "dangerous weapons" that cannot be used in public, and the guns cannot be sold within 1,000 feet of a school. Cleveland and Columbus prohibit pellet guns in public spaces. Nowhere is there a limit on who can buy pellet guns or what minimum age a customer must be to purchase airsoft guns in Ohio.

There are no laws within Ohio's weapons code that prohibit or forbid pellet guns, BB guns or airsoft guns except a provision that prohibits their use in rest areas and roadside parks, as of July 2014. The Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence notes that laws limiting non-powder guns in Ohio do not exist in the state's code. Fox 19-WXIX in Cincinnati explains pellet gun limits are up to municipalities.

What Are the Airsoft Gun Laws in Ohio?