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Car purchase from Car Salesman who said he was a Private Seller

Discussion in 'Car Sales, Dealers, Repairs, Lemon Law' started by Jon Hall, Mar 24, 2021.

  1. Jon Hall

    Jon Hall Law Topic Starter New Member

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    West Virginia
    I bought a car a while back and really got took on it and was trying to fix it up a little before getting it all legal. After putting almost $2400 in it when I go to get the title switched I realize that this guy didn’t sign it it was still where I guess he got it from in Tennessee. And the title was supposed to be a clean tile with no major problems turns out the car has had the title reconstructed twice. I have the conversations we had and when I go to his Facebook he is actually a Salesman for a big used car lot in the southern part of the state. I paid $5400 for this car and when I searched to Vin number it didn’t say the car had been reconstructed or any accidents but the lady at the DMV informed me. I need some help here cause I already have $7800 in this car and with a title like that it isn’t worth half that. This kid smoked me and I don’t know how to go about it. I have all the receipts where I’ve put a waterpump, starter, 2 batteries cause the he had I. It was the wrong one and it messed it up, alternator, and gaskets and seals, 2 oil changes cause it was bad, along with 4 new tires. He also was good enough to give the cellphone holder he was covering the chip in the windshield that is now completely across it now. I bought it off the yard sale site on Facebook and it said it needed cosmetic and a axel for the front. I have only put 2,200 miles on the car and have worked on it seems like nonstop. But the title being reconstructed twice was a bit to much. Is there anything I can do?
  2. army judge

    army judge Super Moderator

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    ALWAYS check the title BEFORE forking over YOUR cash in ANY non-dealer vehicle sale.

    In ALL vehicle sales, YOU must ensure you conduct your due diligence, NEVER rely on anything a SELLER tells you.

    DO rely on YOURSELF to verify whatever you've been told by any seller.

    If you can't validate the seller's claims, DON'T do the deal.

    Once you end up on "YOU'VE BEEN HAD" Boulevard licking your wounds is all you'll have left, other than a rusting, bucket o'bolts!!!!

    Very little if anything, unfortunately, mate.

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