Car damaged during work hours.

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    Hello, I work 11p-7a and my car was broken into while on company property. We have 3 security guards at night in which the one that sits where all of the monitors are is suppose to at least look up at them every once and while. For about 10 minutes someone walked around my car trying all of the door handles and then climbed on top of my car and ripped off my sunroof. Mind you, my car is parked right under the camera that shows where the command person sits. No one noticed that it was being broken into. I have a copy of the video that I handed over to the police also. I was told that I parked at my own risk even I was at work. Downtown Jacksonville is dangerous during this time.
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    Did you have a legal question?
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    You have indeed suffered a most unfortunate inconvenience.
    But, all you need to do is report the matter to the local police and your insurance carrier.
    Your insurance carrier will evaluate things and make you as close to whole as possible.
    I do hope you get it sorted.
    Your employer owes you no duty for the misdeeds of others, especially common criminals skulking about in the dark of night.
    As you most astutely observed, downtown Jacksonville is notorious for crime, as is most any big city in the United States these days.
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    Your employer is not responsible for damage to your vehicle. You notified the police & turned the video over to them. The only other thing to do (if you haven't already) is to report the incident to your car ins. co.