Can we make this stop?

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hi im new to this so bear with me.

What is is I have a question about is my husbands parents have had a long standing dispute with my husbands two older brothers and their wives. Basicly they fell out over somthing and nothing realy but evr since my two sister in laws keep sending nasty notes, cards E.T.C. to My In- laws.
MY In- laws have not responded in any way at-all to all this but the strain is realy starting to show now ( they are 65 years old). And are finding it all very upsetting.

It died down a bit for about 6mouths or so untill 2 weeks ago my In-laws took into their home the middle brother who was worse for drink, one night. As good parents would they took care of their son and gave him a bed for the night.
2 days later they recived 2 more vindictive notes pined on their garden gate( from the wife of the brother).
Myself and my husband feel powerless that we have to stand by and whatch this harrasment of two good people.
All the mailings have been kept ( past and present)
do we have any legal rites?
thank you so much
n j simonds
The question is what your husband's parents want to do about it. You are not the people being affected -- your parents are. Unless they are willing to press charges, it isn't likely anything will be done because it can't be done.
Hi thanks for your reply.
Yes my husbands parents want to do what ever thae can to put an end to their upset.
Then, as was stated, they need to file a complaint with the police and agree to press charges. I'm not sure that much will be done since notes pinned on a fence and an occasional call might not seem severe. It might seem that ignoring them might be a strategy to take if there isn't any serious danger to your parents, e.g. threat of physical harm, repeated phone calls, etc.
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