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OK I'm a make this as short and sweet as possible. I was a guest at a hotel in Fife Washington, I had been in that hotel for approximately a year although we did switch rooms a few times. One day for reasons I don't know The fife police started pretty much raiding random rooms I don't know why but mine was the 4th one chosen. Being that it was the 2nd day of these raids so to speak I had alredy move all of my personal belongings out of that room and had moved to another Hotel before they raided my room. OK this might not be the very best area in the world so to speak there is a lot of crime and drug use and prostitution in this area however that has nothing to do with me. So during the move to the new hotel room I ended up falling asleep in the old room which had been paid for and I had been in for 37 days consecutively. I was awoken that morning by the Fife police department banging on my door saying they had a Search warrant for my room. As I was just awaking i was very disoriented and wondering what was going on, Debating for split seconds whether I should open the Door, before I knew it I heard the door beep (they had gotten a key from the office prior to all this with out my knowledge or permission)and had I 4 Fife police officers enter my room gang busters style in full body armor with guns drawn and I instantaneously find myself in cuffs with several officers on top of me, and I'm totally dumbfounded. Since they said they had a warrant to search my room I asked to see it To which I got no response whatsoever. So they begin ransacking my pretty much empty room they came across a controlled substance on the counter In front of the vanity mirror by the bathroom. When they found that they proceeded to ask me where it came from and whose it was to which I replied "can I see the search warrant please" still no response and no warrant was EVER SHOWN TO ME. They took my cell phone and a couple of other items that are of less importance to me and they took me to the Fife, WA holding Facility/jail. I was there Approximately 3 or 4 hours and then I was transferred to the county jail and Officially charged wit unlawful possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver and manufacturing of a controlled substance with intent to deliver and illegal use of a building for drug purposes. Now being the I do not have a criminal record I was Released 2 days Later under pre Trial services and I was required to check in with them once or twice a Week. Now Fast forward a couple of meetings and check-ins later and I take a trip to Yakima Washington with my little sister. I was supposed to go to court on that Friday back in Tacoma, so I planned on heading back that Wednesday night, However after speaking with the pre trial services staff member i was assured that I wouldn't have to check in until Friday AFTER court so knowing that I stayed in Yakima that Wednesday night until Thursday Morning, Now nowhere in ANY of my Court documents did it state that I had any sort of a obligation to report to on that Thursday morning however Thursday evening on the drive back to Tacoma at about 6 pm I got a text message from pretrial services saying that I had missed an appointment that i was scheduled to attend earlier on that Thursday morning. And upon seeing how I didn't report to that meeting they issued a warrant for my arrest. I don't know what to do now I have jumped through all of the hoops that they wanted me to up to this point and I really feel like they shouldnt even be able to treat me like this but I'm not a lawyer I am a young black man and they are trying to paint me as some sort of criminal but like I said I don't have a criminal record. It's been a little bit of time now and I know that I should have went to court on that Friday but I was scared to go to jail for the warrant that was issued for missing that thursday meeting, so I did not attend that court date on Friday. I'm really just kind of scared and fed up with the system And I really need some kind of advice or help.
Oh yeah by the way I guess is kind of important the plea that they were trying to get me to sign would have kept the felony free wouldn't have to do any jail time and as under the head law abiding behavior for 2 years there will be no mention of it on my record and I had signed that plea but I never was in front of a judge for it So I don't know if that is official or wet I'm really just kind of lost and don't know what to do any suggestions?
So I don't know if that is official or wet I'm really just kind of lost and don't know what to do any suggestions?

Plead not guilty, ask for a public defender, and say nothing about this event unless you are speaking with your lawyer.

Go forth and sin no more, my child.
Have you contacted a lawyer throughout any of this?

Police aren't required to show you the warrant in demand. What matters is that they have it. That is something that gets sorted out later.

Their entry into your room as you describe it seems legitimate... Assuming they did have the warrant. Since the room was yours the controlled substance is then also yours. You'll be stuck with that.

In the details you provided I dont see where the intent to distribute is coming from, but it sounds like they had their eye on the place for awhile and may have more information than you realize. Maybe they found other things in the room too.

It was smart to not make statements to the police, but it was not smart to miss court.

I suggest you meet with an attorney immediately and then arrange to turn yourself in on the warrant.