Can Lanlord Deny Lover/Girlfriend from moving in?

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I live in a 3 bedroom apartment in Los Angeles--under rent control. My roommate just moved out. I would like my girlfriend to replace the last guy that moved out. She has good credit, good rental history shouldn't be a problem right? I am the only one on the lease.

Here lies the problem. My landlord wants people out of the apartment building so they can raise rent. They just recently refused someone to be a roommate to someone else in the building because this person does not make great money(they told her she had to make 3 times the total amt. of rent) and has not a long rental history but her credit check was fine. so they refused the person. The current tenant would be the only one on the lease--the new roommate not on the lease. but they refused the person so they cannot make rent and have to move out. Management dragged their feet on accepting/denying person for weeks.

I was reading rent control section about extra occupant. Mine wouldn't be considered extra occupant being they would be replacing the guy that moved out.

here is what is in the rent control section for los angeles:
(2) The landlord cannot necessarily evict for having additional occupants. Given the extraordinary rents these days even under rent control, many tenants are doubling up or finding temporary housing with a friend until they find another place, and this reason for eviction is growing. The "additional" tenant is not a replacement for a former roommate, nor a guest who resides elsewhere or has lived there exclusively less than 30 days. This is not the tenant's additional child, either by birth or custody change, but this exemption only applies to TWO additional children. This is not the sole additional adult, either, which permits an adult caretaker, parent, friend, lover, or other person to join the tenancy. The landlord still has the right to reasonably disapprove of the new tenants [except the children] and to charge the additional 10% for each new tenant [except the first additional child] who stays beyond 30 days, by a 30-day written notice changing terms of tenancy. The disapproval is limited to the new tenant's rental history, ability to pay the extra 10% rent [Reg. 310.10] or exceeding overcrowding limits [about 50' per person -Reg 952.01]. It seems that the 30-day notice can't be given until after the 30 day stay, so that it wouldn't take effect until the third month of such occupancy.

that section talks about replacement of former roommate and also lover but in the instance of additional occupant.

I don't mind having the sig. other try pass credit check but I think they will play dirty and drag their feet.

my questions are:

can they refuse a lover by some technicality that they did to my neighbor if i want them to move in being i am the only one on the lease?

is there a law for this, if so which one?

does law supersede lease?

does my girlfriend have to fill out a credit application or can she just move in and I notify the management?

if I am married can they refuse my wife and also does she have to do a credit application?
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My first month in was spent with her crying about random things. Around second month she wanted me to start rubbing lotion on her at pm. I have a girlfriend and refused. Since then her behavior toward me is AT BEST vicious. Yelling at at me about random things, constant door slamming etc. (landlord and I are not involved romantically in any way) I'm a grown man, and can handle it....

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Many landlords require credit (and criminal, work history, previous rental history) on ALL applicants over the age of 18...whether they are a married couple or not.

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