can i sue for my $5,000 back ?

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    me and my wife who are seperated got into a car accident and now we suing for some compensation. i live in new york and she in florida. she went behind my back and took out a loan from OASIS. the loan was $3,500 in her name and $5,000 in my name. i did not know about this loan until my lawyer brought it up in a convo we had a few days ago this week. so my thing is how was she able to receive the money without me, she used another male with a fake id perhaps of me. she does know all my info including ss#. i just wanna know if i can sue her for that money and maybe plus more.
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    Suing your wife can be extremely complicated, difficult, and filled with many pitfalls.

    However,you can certainly report the matter to law enforcement in NY, maybe FL, or the Federal authorities (probably the US Secret Service, maybe the US Postal Inspectors); your lawyer can perhaps offer you more specifics.

    If, things are as you suspect, a crime was indeed perpetrated.
    You might contact Oasis, inform the company of your suspicions, let Oasis investigate and offer you some solutions.

    This appears to be very complicated, but hang in there, be persistent and let the authorities do what we've authorized them to do.

    Suing your wife is probably going to be very frustrating, producing you with no money. That's why it might be better to allow Oasis to investigate, wait for their instructions, work with your lawyer, and eventually turn the entire matter over to law enforcement. If a man unknown to you perpetrated a fraud, aided by your spouse, the criminal justice system is where this sordid matter rightly belongs.

    Please, keep us posted, as your story intrigues me. If I can be if additional assistance, please ask.
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    In addition to Army Judge's suggestions I suggest you file for divorce ASAP and see if you can get that $5000 back as part of your property division.