Roomate Can I stay the whole month if I have already paid for the month?

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I am paying to rent a room from a women who is renting a house. We do not have anything in writing but the verbal agreement was that I would stay for six months. Ending in July 2014. I decided that I want to leave early because the women has made living their very uncomfortable. I paid for February and March on or about the 15th of February with the intention of staying. A few days after I paid her I told her I was going to leave. I asked her to return the money I paid for March as I would not be their. She refused and said she would pay no more than half the rent as this was considered my 30 days notice and the middle of March would be the end of 30 days. I told her if she would not return the money for March and as I have already paid for that whole month I would be staying and leave by April 1st. She is refusing to accept this and says I must be out by the 15th. She has also locked me out of the house on more than one occasion since this dispute occurred. I am not on the lease, I have no written paperwork and I am not sure if the owners of the property are aware that she is renting to me. I do not know what if any grounds I have to stand on. Please help.
Make your life easy, get out by March 15th, but get her to agree to that in writing.
If not, you leave yourself open to some possible unpleasantries.
If you want to waste time and effort by going to court, her alleged "lock outs", if you can PROVE them, could be of value to you.

But, who needs that?
Cut your losses, make life fun again, get out as soon as you can.
Stop renting rooms, get your own apartment.
Isn't that what you dreamed about at age 16?
Living like this has to be far worse than living under mom's and day's roof.

Your occupancy is covered by VA statute.

Educate yourself:
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She won't be able to legally force you out on the 15th but she can cause problems.
Personally, I would give written notice today of my intent to move out at the end of March. If your notice to vacate is not in writing then you haven't given it. You have a little over a month to find a new place and make arrangements.
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