Fraud, Embezzlement, Bad Checks Can anyone be served at a P.O BOX address? and will a police ever send a mail there?

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If there is a only a P.O BOX address can anyone serve papers there? and do law enforcements ever send you papers to a P.O BOX address? (Any kinds of letter, or even summons)
Q: Can you be served legal documents at a U.S. Post Office Box?

Answer: No. You cannot legally be served papers at a U.S. Post Office. Someone wishing to serve a person via a US PO Box can obtain the box holder's physical address from the U.S. Post Office and serve the person at their physical address. (The above explanation applies to civil process only. In the case of criminal matters, the law enforcement agency will use many methods to discover or uncover your whereabouts. You an run, but it's impossible to hide forever.)

Q: How can you obtain the physical address of someone you are trying to serve if you only have their US P. O. Box address?

Answer: You must fill out a 'Request for Change of Address' form (or one containing similar information) and take it the Post Office in question.

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In general, the answer is as stated here. As mentioned in your other thread on the same topic, my understanding is that there is an exception - if you've provided a PO Box as an address for which you can receive notice it is possible to designate a PO Box to receive a summons by mail. That may be the case which you are referring to here.
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