Negligence, Other Injury Can a hospital be liable if someone is murdered while in their care?

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If someone intends to kill someone by taking them off life support and the hospital staff cannot reach them in time due to the door being locked can the hospital be partially liable? I have been trying to find a law with this issue. Any help would be appreciated
Given that taking someone of life support takes a number of different steps, it doesn't sound too feasible (outside of TV shows, anyway) for it to happen.

If someone is on life support, generally they're in the ICU and would be much more frequently monitored.

Additionally, most hospital doors don't have locks on the patient rooms. In the ICU it's even worse - it's often a curtain, rather than a door.
That's not likely to happen. If an employee of the hosp. would do it or act negligent in a significant way, the hosp. can sometimes be held liable for the employee's actions.
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