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Can a green-card holder with an expired ACD re-enter the US? Permanent Residency

Discussion in 'Green Card, Residency, Naturalization' started by MadeAMistake, Jan 22, 2015.

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  1. MadeAMistake

    MadeAMistake Law Topic Starter Guest

    I'm a green card holder in my late 20s, living in New York. I was arrested for possession of a small amount of marijuana and another non-controlled substance in NY in 2013, and received an ACD for 12 months. This time has now passed and the record has been sealed.

    Will I have a problem returning to the US if I travel internationally? Any educated opinions are very much appreciated and welcome - thank you in advance!

    Other info:

    I'm a female
    I have been a permanent resident since 2007, have not applied for citizenship yet (card expires in 2017)
    I went to college and graduate school in the US
    I work in finance
    (I'm not sure if the last two statements are meaningful in any way)
  2. Michael Wechsler

    Michael Wechsler Administrator Staff Member

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    If you received an ACD then the case has probably been dismissed against you. As a result, provided you are leaving and entering after the ACD period and the release and seal, you should be fine. Note that the only person who can give you assurances that you can rely upon is an immigration attorney and it may be worth a short consultation to discuss your case prior to making plans to leave the country. Good luck and hope things work out for you.
  3. disagreeable

    disagreeable Well-Known Member

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    Generally a drug conviction that could have resulted in a jail sentence over 1 year is a ban or cause for revoking a Green Card. Further, Gov't Regulations and bonding regulations are such you are likely unemployable in a finance capacity for anything.
  4. Betty3

    Betty3 Super Moderator

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    OP, I would go ahead & run it by an immigration attorney & see what he/she thinks - it certainly can't hurt to do so. Good luck.

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