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Good evening, everyone!

A few months ago I received a menacing letter from some "collection" company in the Dallas area who is occupying a UPS store as their mailing address with a Sprint wireless number. The letter stated that this was a final notice and a demand for payment for a bad check or draft and that if I didn't remit payment in 10 days, I would be prosecuted and sent to jail. Nervous - I went to my local police station and the wonderful officer there called and started to leave a voice mail... mid voice mail they hung up. Somehow they seemed to be screening the calls by voice message. She told me to disregard it and check my credit reports. She also said that I could try and contact the AG of Texas and Dallas PD about the issue. Nothing came of the AG report and the Dallas PD couldn't really investigate or take a report because I didn't send them money. I shrugged it off and heard nothing more for several months until a few nights ago when I received a letter from them stating they would settle the account for significantly less than what the supposed debt was originally. Well, someone I know decided to call the phone number on the letter and left a voice message on their phone -- they called his phone back and went on and on about disrespect and they think they know who this is and they're wanting to settle for X amount for a payday loan (mentioned company name) and he would appreciate it if whoever called would call back to let him know who it was. Once this person mentioned the payday loan company I immediately called that company and learned that they were fired and were instructed to no longer contact their customers -- they were told that the file must be deleted. The company's collection manager assured me that this collection agency had no business bothering me because they aren't supposed to have the debt. I did make arrangements with the original creditor and I have the agreement in my possession now with receipt. However, I am absolutely beyond angry. I have sent in a DV letter to this supposed collection agency just to see if something comes of it. But I want to know what can I really do about this? I understand that they haven't collected money from me but that's not the point. They have my information as well and that makes me even more nervous.

Please help.
If you want these scammers, charlatans, fraudsters, and crooks to go away, leave them alone.
Don't encourage them, friend, ignore them.
You don't know what they have, only what you "suspect" them of having.
In Texas, these types of lawsuits are rare.
More than likely ALL this creep has is your name, address, and a few other useless details.
You're not stupid, and you're not going to give them a dime.
So, be smart, let it go.
As you've sadly discovered, the law doesn't care.
In fact, the law never cares until people die, or millions are stolen.
I wish you well.
Agreed. They less they hear from you, the less you will hear from them.
Don't answer their calls. Hang up if you do answer the calls. Throw away their letters... Don't even read them.
If you respond at all they will try to work you for anything they can get. If you are a dead end they will find someone else to bother.
Monitor your credit report and move on.
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