Other Debt brother got a loan and they won't stop calling everyone

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Can the loan company my brother borrowed from contact his employers office weekly? The last call made to his employer was in regards to: MY BROTHER'S NAME (redacted to protect your bro's privacy) called today RE: Garnishment address and wished to speak to you directly.

They have made this same call several times and now my brother's employer is getting upset with my brother even though he has told said company to stop calling in reference to his location over phone.

Loan company also contacting family and friends several times per day. He is being told information about calls and answering machine messages like:(1/4) Hey babe, loan people been on answering machine every day for a week. caught me this morning and I overheard em talking about they "didn't realize it (2/4) would b so hard 2 get a hold of them" b4 I said hello. Guy says he just needs to get n touch w/ya. Then asked if I knew were u lived. What should he do? He hasn't moved and I'm buying the house he stays with me for now until he gets back on his feet..

So frustrated I didn't even want to be out down as a contract person just in case something like this happened!! Is what they are doing legal?
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