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i have been accused of domestic abuse by the mother of my child.
She has made charges against me accusing me of putting her life in danger.
She is in protective custody and has our child with her.
All of this is wrong due to the fact i have never abused her.
She has been getting assistance from the state and is using our daughter as her meal ticket.
This woman has a history of assault and had her previous children taken from her by the state.
She was declared negligent and endangerment to her children. The father has the rights to her kids and she can only see them with his supervision.
She has a history of drugs and assault charges.
She was living house to house on peoples couches until she was able to get accepted in this protective custody situation.
I was the primary caretaker of our daughter the entire time. I had to make her leave due to her attacking me and her drug problem with prescription pills.
When she found out I have been seeing a new woman she started all the lies.
My daughter is now living in the abused woman shelter with her mom for the past month. I am not allowed to see my daughter.
The past month when i have talked to her on the phone she keeps asking me to come pick her up. She is only 4 years old.
I just found out she has filed false charges against me and even submitted a fake photograph of her with a black eye.
There is an active investigation with the police going on against me .
They have not spoken to me about any of this yet. But I was told when I requested a welfare check and a missing persons
report that there is a investigation pending. She has made false allegations accusing me of drugs, abuse,,
and even told them she is afraid i was going to kill her...
I can prove her eye of being fake by her Facebook pictures taken on the same day she said I hit her.
Please help me with what I need to do to get control of this. I am a 340 pound black male and she is a 120 pound white female.
The odds are already against me. Do i need to go talk to the DA? Should i file a law suit against her for
false allegations and show her proof of Texas taking her rights away from her?
I need some help. i do not trust attorneys at this point. Thanks in advance...
Your ONLY hope of avoiding PRISON will come from those you distrust.
You're right, a huge male and a small, pure, weak, white woman, add in your pigmentation, the odds don't look good for you, sir. I know of a similar case and the HUGE black guy got 20 years for allegedly beating a smallish, delicate woman. The HUGE black guy was 5'5" weighing in at 135 pounds. The smallish, pure, weak white woman stood 5'10" weighing in at 280 plus.

I suggest you admit to nothing, say nothing if arrested EXCEPT, I want a lawyer. I am invoking my right to remain silent. Then, no matter what happens, SHUT UP. Give only name, address, date of birth, etc...

Whatever you do, don't even attempt to explain. Leave that to a lawyer in the court room.
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