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In Connecticut there is a 'bottle law' where most have to be returned to get your 5 cents back. Stores have 'bottle rooms' with machines for such.

I only return what I use.(drink). It is a pain but a nickel is a nickel.

One day I had a batch to return. The room was highly active as they usually are. (many in desperation collect such and clog up these places)

Waiting I noted a glass machine was now open for usage.I only had 1 glass bottle. (the rest cans) Next thing I know I was flat on the floor. Sort of in shock I laid there for awhile and thought about broken bones. Slowly got up and noticed my hand was bleeding. Somebody was mopping the floor around peoples feet at same time. So slippery could hardly stand up. (employees here not hired for their intelligence) No yellow warning cones did I see. Seems when I went down the bottle broke and went into my hand. A Grocery store worker came by with tissues, etc. to help with the bleeding. Bled for about an hour.

Prior to leaving I told myself THIS IS RIDICULOUS and filed a police report. Next went to a walk in clinic and got a simple x-ray, etc. Later to an orthopedic doctor that dealt with hands. Seems simple x-rays poor for glass and had pieces in there for about a month. My left hand--primary usage hand....

Also hit my head but can't prove. BUT I did fall #1 on my knee and injured knee still hurting bad. (knees can be painful) These things have a habit of coming out later so assume can't prove except MRI showed a cyst in my knee and later had injections. into knee. (zero history of knee problems)

I thought this is ridiculous !!!!!!!

Made several inquests to several lawyers and it was just a joke. Tired of running the same story over and over. Now I understand why the stores DO NOT CARE !!!!! Simple rubber mats or ? would prevent these slips. Till this day nothing has changed. If 1000 slipped they don't care.

Grocery Store chain :: STOP AND SHOP.

At least post...use at your own risk !!!!

Not worth a million but can't even hear a sorry ! from the store ?
Might be too small a claim to interest lawyers but it still could get you some money.

When did this happen?
What date?
Did you get the names of the manager?
Did you get a copy of your police report? If not, get one.
You wrote "grocery store chain."
Determine if this is a corporate owned store or locally owned franchise. Your Secretary of State's website or office can help you on that.
Look up the corporate HQ online and determine the corporate officers and corporate address.
If you are fully recovered, total up all your medical expenses. Not just your co-pays but the total billings.
Write to the owner of the company that you are making a personal injury claim due to the negligence of the employees and you want X dollars in compensation. Include your medical expenses and any lost earnings if you had to take off work without pay. Add an amount for pain and suffering.
Google personal injury demand letter or personal injury demand package for samples on how to submit one.
If you need any help along the way, come back to this thread with your questions.
That's an awfully long post for what is, at most, a single rhetorical question. Is there something you wanted to ask?
I know you already tried to contact some lawyers about it, maybe the way you told your story was why they didn't want to take your case. Anyhow, you can indeed file a personal injury claim. It is always better to let an attorney handle that for you, even more so when you go up against a company.

First and foremost you'll need:

-Date of the accident

-A record of the police report (check your local laws and procedures on how to get a copy). This will help your lawyer reconstruct the scene and see if there are any potential witnesses.
- Search around the internet to see if it's a locally owned store or a corporate chain.

- Get all your medical records up to date, if you don't have them at hand you could ask the places where you got treatment to get them for you

-Write down any dates you had to miss work and the lost wages that got accumulated because of it.

-If you took pictures of the scene and your injuries show them to a lawyer, it will help as an encouragement for them to take up your case

I do not recommend going through with the personal injury claim on your own, the company will try to get rid of your claim as fast as possible and they might lowball you on compensation offers instead of getting you what you really deserve and a lawyer will even help you account for possible future treatment of your injuries (you said you injured your knee, this can possibly have long term consequences)