Bank Refuses To Provide Proof of Completed Wire Transfer Trace

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My jurisdiction is: Rhode Island

I initiated a wire tranfer on 12/19/2008 from my account with Citizen's Bank in Rhode Island to Bank of China. After spending an hour with the CSR to correct her mistakes in entering the information I gave her, and insuring the correct information was entered into their system, the confirmation of the tranfer came in the mail with the name of the recipient spelled wrong. I then had to initiate an ammendment on 12/26/2008. The recipient communicated that they had still not received the money, so on 1/9/2009, I initiated a trace. Melissa of the bank wire transfer dept called on 1/22/2009 and left a message on my answering machine to say that the money had been received by the recipients account on 12/31/2008. I called the Citizen's Bank wire transfer dept on 1/29/09 to request that Melissa send me written proof that the trace was done and that the money was recieved by the recipient. She refused. She said it was an electronic process and she could not provide me with anything in writing to prove this. If they can provide proof of the wire transfer request, why can't they provide proof of the results of the wire transfer trace. She just didn't feel like typing and mailing a letter when they had asked me to do so on several occasion which I complied. I paid $35 for this service and got nothing in return, not even the $325 I wired. She referred me to a phone number for Priority Report Response that keeps saying it is temporarily unavailable. Citizen's Bank of RI wire transfer dept refuses to provide me with proof that a wire transfer I initiated on 12/19/2008 was completed? What recourse do I have. The recipient says they never received it. Without this, I have no proof that the bank is not just keeping my money and saying that it was sent to the recipient who says they never received it.
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Talk to a manager ASAP! Go to the bank brach and talk to the branch manager --t here is no reason they can not provide you with the proof-- other then the people you are talking to either does not care-- or they dont know how to get that info to you
Wire to China lost

I have a strangely similar situation. On Dec. 28th 2009 I sent a $1000 wire to a relative in China. JP Morgan Chase says that the Bank of China received it and my father-in-law in China checked and his bank doesn't know anything about the wire. Intrestingly, my father-in-law's name was misspelled on my wire request too. I see a pattern here. My commercial banker is trying to help but JP Morgan Chase and the Bank of China both deny having the money. It seems to me there should be banking laws to address this. I am perplexed and I have someone else working on the China end for me. I will post again with an update. I am determined to find this money.
Talk to the manager of the wire department and get the Fedwire Reference Number (9 digits). Provide that number to the receiving bank and your problem will be solved in about 15 minutes. That's all you need.
The guy with the Chinese wire needs to start his own thread, but the answer is the same except you need the SWIFT Code.
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