Credit Cards, Rating, Repair Bank Mortgage-First Lien

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I (potential borrower) got a home mortgage application from a bank.

On the application, the bank wants to acquire the right to close any or all accounts to place the bank as the first lien holder.

The question is on which accounts (checking, savings, 401(k), 403, 529, Traditional IRA, Roth Ira......) can/will the bank place the first lien on?
Those terms would be far too onerous for me.

I'd find another lender.
Unless you plan on paying your loan faithfully, never crap where you eat. Keep your banking and borrowing in different institutions.
It is a no fee bank; I still dislike the bank model but the location is convenient relative to the credit unions.

I use a no fee bank system also. I set it up before CCU's became easily available. They are usually friendly and accommodate their large customers.
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