Bait and Switch, Liars

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    Last October 2015, a friend asked me if I would like to apply for a position that he thought would be a perfect fit for me and exactly what I had been looking for. He told me it was working with his wife who had recently been hired as the director to a new office of a larger company, which was to open soon.

    I told him I would drop off my resume and would like to speak with her, but no big deal if it didn't work out because I very much enjoyed my current job which worked perfectly with my children. And if it did work out Great!

    I interviewed for the position and she gave me the job details and duties and a brochure of the companies benefits. I made it perfectly clear that I wasn't in rush and considering the new office didn't have its license quite yet; I was willing to wait for that day. She told me she would contact me in a few weeks to let me know the situation. During the interview I purposely made my intentions, wants and needs overly clear. There were no transparencies on my part at all! So a few weeks passed, and She called to ask me to meet the woman I would be working as a team with. At this meeting, they pretty much offered me the job, but I said well let me know when the office opens and we can discuss details. They Agreed.

    A week later, the Director called me and asked me if I would to stop by and discuss further details. During the meeting she offered me the position again with the salary requirements. She told me the district director would like it if I could train for 8 weeks at the office near Boston, at the end of the training the office near my home would be open give or take a week or two. I agreed but to the following terms: 1. Mileage reimbursement 2. Work hours between 9 to 3 pm as I am a single mother who needs to be back to get teens to sports etc. (strong single mother with zero tolerance for BS) 3. Only for 8 weeks no longer as this office is over an hour from home without traffic. My soon to be director agreed. Additionally, she told me that they are great at helping out parents and understand the need of flexible schedules. She called me to tell me the district director agreed as well and that the trainer agreed as well.

    Needless to say, it is now 16 weeks past the office opening date and it still hadn't opened!!! She has given every excuse in the book. Other employees from this office said they feel badly for me because she is full of shit. This past Monday I sent her an email stating the agreement to my employment and would like to have a meeting including the district manger to find out exactly what is going on. Also, that I needed to be reimbursed for new tires and the wear and tear on my car. An extra 7000 miles and counting. she has made every excuse in the book. Today, she started the bullying crap etc. Quite frankly, I don't believe the district manager has any idea of he promises she made. At this point, every time she opens her mouth another lie comes out. I have stayed completely professional. I stated, I applied for and was hired to work in the office near my home and that is where I'll be working from now on. (there is a small satellite office there but only 1 computer that barely works). Excuse my language but WTF? I have been told by everyone in the office what a great I'm doing except by the two woman who hired me. Also, since I've been there, hey both have been written up for verbal abuse. lastly, the guy who trained me left after 2 weeks to train at a different office. I asked him aren't you suppose to train me for 8 weeks, he said What? Who told you that?
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    Do you have a question?

    Nothing illegal has transpired, if that's what you want to know.
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    Unless your needs and requirements were reduced to writing in the form of a signed, dated contract, you took the position at your peril.

    It's most regrettable you left a stable work situation based on pie in the sky promises made orally by an expert bamboozler and consummate prevaricator.

    I suggest you deliberate earnestly over your current employment, as you begin an exhaustive job search. What you describe doesn't tend to end well for people in your position.
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    Unless you have a binding employment contract detailing all you mention (all that was agreed on), you are out of luck. Sorry.