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Austrin best city to live and work 2nd year in a row, Killeen ranked 90th!

Discussion in 'Other Governmental Matters' started by army judge, Apr 10, 2018.

  1. army judge

    army judge Law Topic Starter Super Moderator

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    The Republic of Texas lands 10 cities on the list of 125 best cities to live and work in the USA.

    (Psssst, a hidden gem of a city is Del Rio, TX, shhhhh, don't blab.)

    Last year, Austin knocked Denver from the No. 1 spot on U.S. News and World Report’s “Best Places to Live in the U.S.” And this year, it didn’t budge.

    As in years past, the publication ranked the 125 largest cities in the country based on a variety of factors and data. Five indexes were used to compile the list: job market, value, quality of life, desirability and net migration. Cities were graded on each of these indexes on a 10-point scale, which were then averaged for an overall score.

    Overall, Austin earned a 7.7 out of 10. Of the measurements, and unsurprisingly, Austin scored highest in the net migration category with 9.4. Austin also scored high in the desirability index with an 8.9.

    The top 10 cities are:

    1. Austin

    2. Colorado Springs, Colorado

    3. Denver

    4. Des Moines, Iowa

    5. Fayetteville, Arkansas

    6. Portland, Oregon

    7. Huntsville, Alabama

    8. Washington, D.C.

    9. Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota

    10. Seattle

    Nine other Texas cities were included on the list, but didn’t make the top 10:

    14. San Antonio
    18. Dallas
    26. Houston
    90. Killeen
    105. El Paso
    106. Corpus Christi
    113. Beaumont
    115. McAllen
    121. Brownsville

    Austin named best place to live in America for second year in a row
  2. adjusterjack

    adjusterjack Super Moderator

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    Phoenix was in the top 20. Number 19 right after Dallas, TX number 18.

    Yay, Phoenix.
  3. mightymoose

    mightymoose Moderator

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    Austin is slowly being overrun by migrants from California. Californians have a way of ruining good things.
  4. army judge

    army judge Law Topic Starter Super Moderator

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    That is true.

    Austin has banned the use of plastic bags in all stores.

    You can, however, BUY your bags or use the filthy, cheap GREEN bags.

    I stopped visiting Austin three years ago.

    My wife attended a conference there in February.

    Of course, she asked me to drive her.

    I hated it.

    One of her sisters lives in Austin.

    I agree, Austin has contracted a cancerous tumor.
  5. cynthiag

    cynthiag Active Member

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    My sister has lived in Texas for over 35 years and when I told her we may be coming down there this year the one city she said NOT to visit was Austin!

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