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At Social Security (DDS) request, I went to both a Clinical and Psychological exam.....

Discussion in 'Social Security, Disability & Health' started by lizzyb222, Jul 20, 2017.

  1. lizzyb222

    lizzyb222 Law Topic Starter New Member

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    I appealed an ALJ denial in 2014, the Appeals Counsel vacated the hearing decision and remanded case back to ALJ for resolution of two issues mostly regarding his decision and limitations reflected in two prior CE exams, mainly focusing on psychological limitations he didn't fully consider. The next event was DDS, Disability Determination Services, at the ALJ's request, sent me to CE & Psych exams. They were in Jan. 2017.

    Does it look good for my case if: the Clinical Exam Dr. report at first indicates my limitations (without screaming out for a fully favorable decision) then in the last section, XI. HAVE THE LIMITATIONS YOU FOUND ABOVE LASTED OR WILL THEY LAST FOR 12 CONSECUTIVE MONTHS? Dr. checks off YES. QUESTION: Since the ALJ chose to send me on two "new" CE, as opposed to using the 7+ years of treating physicians and my PC Dr.s clinical reports, would he be hard pressed to deny my appeal, given the DDS chosen Doctor's 12mo.+ limitations? (fyi: I do not have an attorney. I have been unable to retain one since mine withdrew after my 2014 hearing was denied. I appealed that decision on my own. At the remand level now, I submitted an OTR and am waiting on a decision from that or for a hearing to be scheduled).
  2. army judge

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    The ALJ relies on supporting evidence and proof far beyond a physician's statement.

    What the claimant says and how the claimant says it is very important.

    Why not engage a SS appeals lawyer to lead this effort?

    Investigate the lawyer's claims and successes.

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