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at a loss as to what to do. weird situation

Discussion in 'Other Residential Landlord & Tenant Issues' started by Fcloned, Oct 25, 2020.

  1. Fcloned

    Fcloned Law Topic Starter New Member

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    OK before I type this out just know i am frustrated and Thinking a mile a minute and this might be lengthy and jumbled and i might jump back and fourth as i remember things.
    (my wife is 9 months pregnant and due in 11 or so days.)

    Ok we started a contract with a person in carlin nevada, Elko county for a rent to own.

    not option but a rent to own as in the first year was a 60/40 split at 800 a month and then 600 a month after the first year for 7 years.. well we didnt know that none of the nieghbor want any one to move into the property until we moved in.. and thus they approched the land lord with a cash offer to buy the place.

    well we didnt know about this and despite some issue with the validitaty of my california liscence in nv my wife was the only one working at the time.. and we did get behing for 2 month(we paid what we could and the land lord excepted this at the time) but then he took us to court after the cash offer and said we were behind and said he wanted x amount of dollars or wanted us evicted .. well we didt know about the cash offer at the time and he didnt think we could come up with the money but we did that day and returned to court the same day and paid him and the judge said it was dissmised and told fred he could no longer prersue the isue any further and it seemed as if she was being stern as he might of done it in the past .. we didnt know at the time really what that was all about but we understand now..

    Well when we got got home the neighbor that ultimately made the cash offer was out side and we didnt know he was the one that approached fred so we openly talked about it and what he had tried after we had a verbial agreement and he was all sympathetic ..

    anyways the next day the code enforcement lady ..whom by the way picks and chooses whom she tickets and does so in a retaliation fashion.. we got ticket for 1 weed in the yard, watering in a drought ..are little patch of crab grass and no garbage service.. and we couldnt pay said tickets.. so 1 month later im in jail..for failure to pay the fine.. on about january 3 we pay the ticket .. but in the mean time and again we didnt know this at the time.. but we were being harrassed by are neighbor and the small police department here because they kept calling and complaining from are dogs being look(we have rotts) to stray dogs being are and loose.. to you name it.. nothing came of it but they for sure showed up each and every time.. and we found out at a later date the are land lord uses this as a tatic to get people out of his propertys when he cant win in court..

    so we paid the gargbe and other tickets up and the same damn day all bs aside who shows up.. the code enforcment lady... with another REAL cop. so I lose my shit on her and and start asking why there targeting me and why the damn neighbors havent gotten a single ticket and what level code enforcment officer she was and what schooling or training she had to make her an expert on certain things , because i read that here in nevada that they need to be a level 2 to issue tickets. but i dont know fopr sure if thats true.. and since i pointing out every thing else she didnt ticket the neighbors for but I got tickets for I said it was harrassment and said i refused to sighn the ticket and the cop said if i didnt sighn i would be takin to jail..

    wel i sighned and then low and behold all the neighbors start trying to correct the stuff i pointed out.. and i saw her issue just 1 of them a warning.. not a ticket like i got.. i never received a warning..

    now this is where the fun begins.. the true heart of all this..
    so are one year date is aproaching the date that we start paying 600 a month.. and we stil dont have a clue as to what im about to describe is happening or why..

    As the date aproached I aproached my land lord about 1 week before the date and was going to give him 5000 well he refused it and procceeded to tell me that I violated the agreement.. amd I said how and he said when I took you to court in november and I said no.. no I didnt fred if you rember you accepted my money in court and did not ask for an admendment to the agreement and the judge told you you couldnt pursue it any further .. well he respond then that the neighbors offered to by the place and that they had been complaining since november about us, he went on to say they were concerned about are kids and that they had not scene are duaghter in about a year which by the way is high functioning servere autistic with emotinal disturbance issues.. and I said who the fucks buissness is that besides are own..

    and i told him that if they had an issue they could address it with me and that the one niegbor talks to us daily and has never said a word.. and I explained to him that the people across the street I do not know.. never talked to them not once and that they throw wild ass partys and rev there harleys up all hours of the night and ive never called the cops or complained not once..as I really didnt care... and it was none of my buissness.. and that it was making sence now.. what was going on.. and he said regardless i broke the contract and i said again I had not.. well he started slandering my brother trying to bate me into getting into it with him and i didnt fall for it.. I excused my self stating I didnt find it apropriate for him to bad mouth him and his dealing with him were between them to and had nothing to do with me.. and he got mad and told me he never had any intention to sell to me in the first place and i said well i guess ill see you in court then fred and i left.

    well may he refused to take are money and june the same.. july he took money from us anagust he refused again september we paid him 700 and then now october has refused again but from then till now are property has been messed with ..the lugs on are car and motor home have been backed off the threads to the last thread.. and i can never catch any one on camera but i can catch the sounds.. like a impact gu for example...and on camera and in person i heard the neighbors say that they should just kill me and dump my body ina mine shaft out in the dessert and when i heard that i went and told my wife and honnestly she thought it was out there lol.. but then i posted on facebook in the towns little section for stuff what was going on and all the neighbors jumped on and got people they know to put encouraging supportive comments and i called them on what i just said and all of them except on said i was crazy and had to be on drugs except the one who openly admited and I qoute 9 your taking some thing said after some alcahol and joking out of context..) and i replied how is plotting the murder of some one joking or fun when I dont even know you,, I dont know any of you and have oly talked to one of you and never met the rest of you guys not once so how am I suppossed to take that? he respnded that I was over reacting and I said how,, you have been damaging my personel property ..your related to a cop and ive only ever called the cops when the lugs on my 38 foot moter home got loosened .. and I said further more you approached my land lord offering to by this place and when confronted with it said you wouldnt buy it as long as we were here but yet you crawl under are house for what reason I dont know(well i figured that out also and will get to it) and then claim that im lieing about what going on yet admit after one of you admits that what i said was true your trying to clean it up and make it look good.. well that when they wanted to fight lol.. i got called keyboard warrior and a slew of other stuff and mind you this was the first time i posted since we do not know any one in town..

    well 3 days ago are land lord fred comes by and trys to have my wife sighn a lease admendment and i step out and said we were not signing any thing.. and presented him with the cdc covid paper ,2 copys one for ech of us and recorded the whole interaction ..and well the day after he comes back with a 7 day.. and says its to help us seek renter assitance.. and I take it down to the court and ask what i can do and explained that i gave him the cdc papers on evictionand we qualify.. and she said well you have to do these one for meadiation.. and i said well doesnt the cdc ones work and halt any evictions until december and she says no that i have to do these ones for meadiation and i ask about are lease and explain(forgot to mention this earlier) that he has refused to give us a copy of are agreement and that SS has stopped/suspended my daughter SS until residency can be established.. (forgot tomention this also) and that when this started right befor may are copy had been destroys and left as confettie in are car..( we met the land lord at the post office as he was busy and leaving town to get a rent to own contract and key when we moved in and i just left it in the glove box..)

    well she produces what they had on file and it had been filed the first time we went to court and it ws not the original and had been remade.. are original had hand written notes by are land lord and those were not there,, the ammounts and dates were off.. and are signitures and been forged.. and copied /traces on and then recopied.. you could plainly see the double lines and i dont know any one on this earth that can whrite 2 seprerate line with 1 pen.

    well i filled out the papers for mediation and that next day the land lord come by with the neighbor that want to buy the place as a wittness and give us a unlawfull detainer notice to vacate... and it said for narcotics use..illigal buissness and a host of other things that are untrue.. I then went back to the court and asked how he was able to file these so fast but yet i had to wait 5 or seven days between but yet he could file back to back to back with out waiting .. and said so what now and they said i had to vacate the residance and I what he can just cercumvent the eviction process and nothing becomes of the fraud he committing in regards to are contract and that he can just file a fake lease and forge are signitures and bam nothing we can do about it.. and she just shrugged her shoulders..

    also i asked him about the ammount he listed on the paper as we owed and how he came to it.. and he said it didnt matter the ammount he listed..

    and lastly im to exuasted to follow proper sentence and paragraph format.. let alone correct all the speing and gramar mistakes and im not an idiot im just at my breaking point with this and dont know what to do so please forgive me in advance.. ill come back to it and fix it eventually but for now im going back to researching and I thank you for your time in reading this..

    p.s. He threatened me with this: that him and the judge were high school sweet hearts .. and that why he never loses.
  2. justblue

    justblue Well-Known Member

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    You have written a novella. Please, just give the basic facts and if needed we will ask for additional information. Thank you...

    ETA: You should edit out the identifying information.
  3. army judge

    army judge Super Moderator

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    Internet entities UNKNOWN to you can do very little for you.

    You are in the middle of a BIG legal matter.

    You should speak with whoever or whatever manages eviction actions during the pandemic in your state, county, or city.

    You might also contact "legal aid", "pro bono attorneys", or "tenant self help organizations".

    Here are some organizations in your area you should contact ASAP, as in 08:00 to 09:00 AM on Monday!

    Welcome to Elko, Nevada

    Habitability And Essential Services - Civil Law Self-Help Center

    Self-Help Legal Forms

    Nevada Legal Services - Free Legal Services for Low-Income Nevadans

    Tenant Defenses to Evictions in Nevada
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  4. PayrollHRGuy

    PayrollHRGuy Well-Known Member

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    Well we know that isn't true. He lost when he tried to evict you.
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